Website rules

This website does not need any special rules because the files are designed and executed by us exclusively for specific people and users, and if there is a problem, it will speak in a friendly way and will be resolved.

1. All files posted by this website are made exclusively, please respect the copyright

2. Due to the downloadable file, there is no refund for the users who have paid, only if the file is corrupted, then the payment will be refunded.

3. Regarding updates and updates, I must mention that all files are designed by us. If a new version is needed, it will be given to users.

All users of the site have accepted all the materials of the rules and it is not necessary to sign independently or sign the contract, but by entering the domain, it is subject to the rules of the site and must observe the rules of the site.

The rules section is updated from time to time. The Magic File website has no responsibility for informing users one by one, and users should visit the rules page from time to time and be informed of new updates in this section.

List of website special files

The best professional Instagram robot (bullying followers who do not follow you)

Extracting Instagram followers Instagram robot software to receive a complete list of followers and followers

Download software to check the status of a site by checking the SEO domain

Download software to convert text file to vcf (mobile contact)

The best notification service push script notification management and build site notification push

Download automatic translation software for po, pot files in full for all languages, including Persian