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Website rules

General site rules:

1- The products of the site are designed or optimized by the MagicFile and all its rights are reserved for the MagicFile, including sale and reproduction.

2- The sale or sharing of products designed and made by the MagicFile site is prohibited and can be tracked.

3- Before downloading, users must read the descriptions of each file correctly and download with a definite decision

4- Most of the files are compressed with winrar software with rar or zip extension

Payment and download rules:

1 - There is no refund for paid users and the refund will not be refunded

2- There is no return of products to the site and receipt of payment by the user for the files. If a user downloads a product from the site and is dissatisfied with his payment, the payment will not be refunded.

3. The file download link is displayed after users pay and the user downloads the file only from the site and will not be sent to the user through other items, including (email - messengers and…) users only files from They will download through the site and there is a download restriction. After downloading the download link 10 times, it will be completely disabled. Also, the download link will be active for two days.

4. Enter the correct email at the time of download - Users must enter their email file correctly and completely at the time of download. If a user enters their email incorrectly at the time of download, only the download link will be displayed once after payment. The information is not stored and can not be tracked at a later time

5- The gift file and works that are written in the content may not be given to the user and have nothing to do with the amount paid.

6 - The link and page of files for download begins with the address and the description of the file is mentioned in these pages. The rest of the pages may be for advertisements or other items. The user must provide the description when downloading. Study well and download with a firm decision

Site support rules:

1- Your payment fee while downloading the file has nothing to do with the support services of the MagicFile site and the MagicFile site has no obligation for free support. There is no support at all.

2- The minimum response time to support requests is 72 working hours based on priority. And requests outside of working hours, working days, holidays, etc. will remain unanswered.

3- Support is only for the first 24 hours, so that the user does not get lost to guide on how to download the file, not training and execution, and 24 24 hours after downloading the file, if a request is sent, there will be no response.

4 - All requests sent to support based on prioritization and type of request may take longer to respond and the user must send a request for each issue Sending consecutive and unnecessary messages remain unanswered.

5- Not all files on the site have installation, setup and instruction on how to run and additional items, and users who have downloaded the file must run it themselves.

6- The user is obliged to observe etiquette and ethics when sending a support question and to follow his problems calmly and politely.

7- If a user insults the MagicFile or any of its employees, the MagicFile is allowed to deprive the user of all services and no service will be provided to that user and all the user's details and IP. Will be sent to legal authorities for follow-up

8- All the details of the users who enter at the time of download and registration can be changed or deleted at any time and in any case by the support of the MagicFile site.


1. The Magical File website has no responsibility for failing to meet its obligations in the event of force majeure such as natural disasters, war, insurgency, social unrest, explosions, strikes, government restrictions and sanctions.

2- MagicFile services are provided as they are and no explicit or implicit warranty is included. In addition, no guarantees are provided, such as being according to the buyer's needs, being flawless, security, and so on. All written and oral warranties regarding MagicFile services are invalid and MagicFile does not pay any damages for the performance of the products provided in any way.

3. In any case, the information that is included in the site description in connection with a file is for brief information only to the user. For the MagicFile will not accept any responsibility for the complete incompatibility of the product on the site.

4. The MagicFile will not have any duty to provide updates for downloaded files.

5. In some cases, there may be tips for activating some products on the site. Due to the fact that in each version, the coding and structure of a file may change, the MagicFile is not responsible for ensuring that the activation method works on all versions of the file, and users agree that this type of guide is only included to help users in the site. And is not part of the services that the MagicFile is required to provide to users.

6. Presenting a product on the site does not mean providing demo files or the possibility of embedding the main demos provided by the designer. To import demos, you may need to obtain a license and product from an official source. The user agrees that the MagicFile is not responsible for providing him with product demo files.

All users of the MagicFile site have accepted all the materials of the rules and it is not necessary to sign independently or sign the contract, but by entering the domain, they are subject to the site rules and must follow the site rules.

The rules section is updated from time to time. The MagicFile has no responsibility for informing users one by one, and users should visit the rules page from time to time and be informed of new updates in this section.

* All activities of users (including downloading files, registering and browsing) on ​​the MagicFile site at by users means accepting all the above rules.

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