The best notification service push script notification management and build site notification push

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We have prepared a complete and powerful notification management script (push notification) for you, webmasters and webmasters.


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The best notification service Download the notification management script and make a site notification service exclusively without the need for servers and other sites

The best notification service for you, webmasters and webmasters of OneComplete and powerful notification management script (push notification)We are ready to download

This script for making site notification push is undoubtedly one of the best and most complete in this collection, which has been specially programmed and designed by the MagicFile website so that dear webmasters can create a notification management system (push notification) for their site. کردن


Learn more about notifications (push notifications)

Push notification is a message that appears on mobile devices and computer systems in the browser. App publishers can submit them at any time. Users do not have to be in the app or use their devices to receive them. They can do many things. For example, they can display the latest sports scores, force the user to take action such as downloading a coupon, or allow the user to be notified of an event such as a sale.










The features of this script include site notification and notification management as described below

1. It is designed and programmed completely independently and without the need for any other peripherals.
2.سرعت و کاراي بالا
3.امنيت خوب
4. Full access to the profile of registered users
5. The information that is taken during the user's membership (IP address - system type - browser type - screen size - membership page address - membership page title, etc.) that you can send notifications to users with these specifications Send it smartly
6.قابليت نمايش کامل آمار
7. Create a campaign for unlimited sending
8. Display statistics of campaigns separately and the number of clicks for each campaign
9. Ability to send (title - description - link)
.10 و .....

Dear webmaster, this script is really needed. I am writing a short comparison about this script so that you, dear ones, can better understand this valuable script.
All of you, dear webmasters, know very well that there is no script similar to this one, and to use the benefits of push notification, you must use other service providers, which require both speed and access to user profiles, and on the other hand, additional costs must be paid. You can, but with this script, you can have a special push notification for yourself, and you can send push notifications at any time and as much as you want, and you have access to all the information, speed and security are always in your hands.

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The best notification service push script notification management and build site notification push

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