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Today, in this post, we have prepared for you, dear users of the Magic File website, a software for compressing JavaScript files, JavaScript Code Compressor.


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Today, in this post, we have prepared for you, dear users of the Magic File website, a software for compressing JavaScript files, JavaScript Code Compressor.


Before we begin, I'd like to point out that the best way to compress JavaScript is to not compress at all. That is, writing small JavaScript files that are small enough should be our goal rather than compressing a large batch of script to reduce download time.

Code compression in JavaScript is usually used for JavaScript library files. (There's also the trade-off between having one big library file and putting everything you need in there versus having small pieces that fit each page, keeping code size small and not having a library. The former increases page load times significantly . and it might be annoying for visitors. The second is rewriting, copying and pasting code around, which will be annoying for you as a developer. It's up to you to find the sweet spot in between.)

Another benefit of compression is that since compression removes all the indentation, the code becomes harder to read. So if someone decides to reverse engineer your library, they'll have to spend some time re-indenting the code. It's not as good as obfuscating the code, but it's a level of protection nonetheless.

Although you can find several JavaScript-based compressors around, using a single file has several advantages:

  • ظاهراً سریعتر از همتایان جاوا اسکریپت اجرا خواهد شد.
  • You can arrange code to process files in batches.
  • You can use threads and do your compression in the background.

Dear user, you are offered a download.

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