Download sample AntiDDOS-system file with php php

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In this post, for you dear users of the MagicFile website, we have prepared an example of an antidas file with php ready for download.


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Download sample AntiDDOS-system file with php php

In this post, for you, dear users of the MagicFile website, we have prepared a sample antidas file with php ready for download.

A simple way to protect your web application against a DDOS (FREELY) attack in one line This example AntiDDOS-system file with php php can catch attacks at the user level written in php

What are Didas attacks?

In response to what is ddos, it should be said that Dos and DDos attacks are one of the most dangerous and newest attacks that are carried out on the Internet. Targets network bandwidth or connectivity. These attacks are carried out by sending data packets to the victim, which overwhelms the victim's network or processing capacity in the packets and prevents users and customers from accessing the service.

A Didas attack on a site is generally considered to be when access to a computer or network resource is intentionally blocked or reduced as a result of malicious work on another user. These attacks do not necessarily destroy the data directly or permanently, but deliberately jeopardize the availability of resources. In Dos attacks, packets are sent directly from the Hacker or Attacker system, and generally an information system is involved in the attack, and of course an IP is responsible for the attack.

"This project has been tested by multiples ddos ​​software with a score of 77%."

How to work:

On each connection, the system temporarily stores the client's IP address and controls its connection frequency. If this connection frequency is abnormal, then the system will consider it as a black ip address and request confirmation. Sends confirmation form. Captcha integrates into the system, if it passes this test, it is a human and not a robot!

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آنتی دیداس AntiDDOS-system با پی اچ پی php

آنتی دیداس AntiDDOS-system با پی اچ پی php

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