Download the laboratory work report of electrical circuits in the field of electricity

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Today, for you, dear users, we have prepared a laboratory work report of electrical circuits in the field of electricity for download.


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Download the laboratory work report of electrical circuits in the field of electricity

Today, we have prepared for you, dear users, a report of the laboratory work of electrical circuits in the field of electricity, which you can submit as research.

This work report is complete with explanations and diagrams

Details of the file you will download are as follows

Test number: 1 (9 pages in Word file)

The title of the experiment: Examining Ohm's law
Target:The purpose of this experiment is to experimentally investigate Ohm's law and to study the factors affecting the resistance of a metal wire.
وسايل مورد نياز: منبع تغذيه متغيير - آمپرمتر و ولت متر - تخته سيم هاي آزمايش
theory :Resistance in circuit terms is an element in which voltage, current and time have a relationship. If this relationship is not dependent on time, the resistance is called unchangeable, and if it is dependent on time, it is called changeable with time. If the relationship between voltage and current is a straight line passing through the origin, the resistance is called linear. The linear resistances that do not change with time are called ohmic resistances, the relationship between their voltage and current follows the relationship of V=IR (Ohm's law).

Test number: 2 (7 pages in Word file)

Test title: Kirchhoff's and Paul Whetstone's Laws
Target:The purpose of this experiment is to study Kirschoff's laws and their application in DC circuits and also to use these laws to measure the unknown resistance.
وسايل مورد نياز: دو عدد منبع تغذيه، ولت متر، آمپرمتر، رئوستا، گالوانومتر، مقاومت ها 
theory :In electric circuits, whose dimensions are about ten times smaller than the wavelength of the same frequency as the frequency with which the circuit works, there are simple laws called Kirshoff's laws, with the help of which the current and voltage of each branch can be determined. Gained.
1.KVL :در هر مسير بسته جمع جبري اختلاف پتانسيل ها برابر صفر است.
2.KCL : جمع جبري جريان ها يي که به يک گره مي رسند برابر صفر است.

Test number: 3 (7 Word pages)

The title of the experiment: Investigating the properties of electric conduction and equipotential lines in the graphite plate
Target:Studying the properties of electric conduction and equipotential lines that arise due to the movement of electric charges. Definition of equipotential lines: certain places that have the same potential energy.
وسايل مورد نياز: صفحه ي گرافيتي - منبع تغذيه DC - آمپرسنج - ولت متر - سيم رابط - خط کش 
theory :A square semiconductor plate made of graphite is assumed. A certain potential difference (15V) is applied to the two corners of this plate, as a result, a stream of electrons starts moving on this plate and on the electric field lines. In this plane, we also imagine equipotential lines (the equipotential lines are the geometric locations of the points of the plane that have equal potential and the work q on these lines is zero for moving the charge), the equipotential lines are always perpendicular to the electric field lines. Because if this were not the case, E would find a component along the lines, and therefore, when we move the charge on the lines of equal potential, the field will act on it, and this contradicts the assumption that the lines are equal potential.

Test number: 4 (9 Word pages)

Test title: Filling and emptying of capacitors
Target:Experimental study of filling and emptying of capacitors and connections of series and parallel capacitors
وسايل مورد نياز: منبع تغذيه DC، دو عدد خازن   و  ، ولت متر، سيم رابط، کليد 
نظريه:When we connect the voltage of two ends of a battery to two welds of a capacitor, positive charge +q and negative charge -q accumulate on its welds, respectively, which is proportional to the capacity of the capacitor and the potential of the two ends of the battery. According to Tarif, the capacity of the capacitor is obtained from the following relationship.

Test number: 5 (9 Word pages)

The title of the experiment: Force acting on a current-carrying wire in a magnetic field
Target:Experimental study of the force acting on the current carrying wire in the magnetic field and the parameters affecting it
Required equipment: a scale with an accuracy of 0.01 grams, wire rings, U-shaped iron core, wire coil, DC power supply (maximum 2 amps), DC power supply (maximum 4 amps), ammeter, ribbon wire, Connecting wire, clip, rod and base
theory :If a wire with length L carrying current i is placed in magnetic field B, force F is applied to it according to the following equation.

Test number: 6 (9 Word pages)

Title of the test: Investigating the capacity of the capacitor and measuring the dielectric coefficient of air
Target:Investigating the relationship between capacitor capacity and dielectric coefficients
Required equipment: flat capacitor with adjustable distance, oscilloscope to measure voltage, ammeter, oscillator,
دي الکتريک، سيم رابط 
theory :If a capacitor is placed in a circuit with an alternating potential difference, the plates of the capacitor alternately have a positive and negative charge, the electric charge in the circuit alternately moves to one side and the opposite side, and a current is created with a certain frequency. Its direction changes periodically

Test number: 7 (11 word pages)

Test title: Transformer
Target:Studying the physical principles of a transformer
Required equipment: several coils with different turns, two AC ammeters, two AC voltmeters, two AC wattmeters, a rheostat as a consumer, a transformer, a number of connecting wires
theory :Transformers are a special type of coupled inductor with a mutual inductance equal to the square root of the inductance of the two inductors. Also, in the ideal state of the transformer, N or the number of turns should be very high. In this case, the [phasor] ratio of the primary voltage to the secondary is equal to the ratio of the revolutions of the first inductor to the revolutions of the second inductor, and also the ratio of the current [phasor] is equal to the negative inverse of this value.

Test number: 8 (8 Word pages)

Test title: alternating current circuits
Target:Observing and measuring the effect of inductor and capacitor in alternating current
وسايل مورد نياز: سلف، مقاومت، خازن، منبع تغذيه متناوب، آمپرمتر، ولت متر  
theory :The parts of every alternating current circuit, namely R (resistance), L (inductor) and C (capacitor) show resistance to the flow of current in three ways. R resists the movement of charges in the form of collisions between the charge carriers and the atoms and molecules of its constituent material. L counteracts current changes in the form of induced electromotive force. C also copes with the arrival of more loads by accumulating loads on its plates.
If these parts are placed in an alternating current circuit, there will be a phase difference regardless of the potential difference and the current passing through them.

Test number: 9 (5 word pages)

Test title: Cathode ray oscilloscope
Target:Teaching how to work with a cathode ray oscilloscope (CRT) and its application in the study of alternating current circuits
وسايل مورد نياز: اسيلوسکوپ اشعه کاتدي، جعبه ي مقاومت، اسيلاتور، خازن، سلف 
theory :Frequency measurement: To measure the frequency of a wave, it can be connected to the y input of the oscilloscope and the corresponding frequency can be measured directly from the scale of the oscilloscope screen. In this case, the x-axis sweeping wave is provided directly by the internal generator of the oscilloscope.
Lissajous curves can also be used to measure frequency. In this case, the internal connection of the oscilloscope must be disconnected from the sweeper generator. Then he connected a wave with an unknown frequency to the y input and a wave with a known frequency from the outside to the oscilloscope input. In this case, when the frequency of one of the incoming waves is a fractional multiple of the frequency of the other wave, a fixed shape is seen on the oscilloscope screen.

Excel file of diagrams of resistance with length - resistance with cross section - voltage changes with current along with all laboratory diagrams in Excel file

For you, the user of the website, it is suggested to download the magical file, without a doubt, it is one of the most complete reports of the laboratory of electric circuits.

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