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Software to find groups of words (Persian grammar) inside the text or word

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Today, in this post, for you, dear users of the Magic File website, we have prepared a sample software for finding word groups (Persian grammar) inside the text or word, ready for download.


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Download the application to find the group of words (Persian grammar) inside the text or word

Today, in this post, for you, dear users of the magic file website, we have put a sample software for finding groups of words (Persian grammar) in the text or word ready for download.

With this software, you can easily find Persian language commands from words. All you have to do is write the desired text or word and click on the process button, then the Persian grammar of the word will be displayed automatically.

Examples of images are as follows

دانلود softwareFind word groups (Persian grammer )

Main features of the application

  • High speed and performance at runtime
  • Has an internal database of pre-prepared words
  • With the ability to display details of the word or text
  • Save the profile as a text file
  • And ...

Grammar list that can be extracted: (letter, proper noun, noun sound, noun verb, compound noun, noun action, relative adjective, compound source, infinitive, comparative adjectives, definite adjective, object noun, infinitive source, additional combination, combination Descriptive, noun, adjective, Arabic, adverb, compound, diminutive, Arabic, of nationals, number, fake, present tense, Persian words written in French, Persian words written in Turkish, Persian words written in Latin Persian words written in Hindi, Persian words written in Russian, Persian words written in Armenian, Persian words written in English, Persian words written in Mongolian, Persian words which are written in German, Persian words written in Italian, Persian words written in Japanese, Persian words written in Chinese)

For you, dear user, a download is suggested

To download the software to find the group of words (Persian grammar) inside the text or word, click on the link below

Click here to download

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Comment sent by Mahdakht - 2023/1/01 5:46:28 pm
Thank you for your good product
The answer of the magic file support
Hello that's kind of you
Posted by Nazar Shahin - 2/17/2023 6:58:36 pm
Hello I downloaded the file, thank you for making this file available
The answer of the magic file support
Hello Thank you for sending your opinion
Comment sent by Parveen - 2/15/2023 10:48:51 pm
Don't be tired Dear, I downloaded this file, it was great
The answer of the magic file support
Hello thanks for your kindness

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