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Source and code of MS Access database query editor

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Today, in this post, for you, dear users of the website, we have prepared a source file and software code for database query editor for MS Access ready for download.


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Download the source and code of the software, MS Access database query editor

Today, in this post, for you, dear users of the website, we have prepared a source file and the software code of, the MS Access database query editor, ready for download.

Sample image at runtime

Source and code of MS Access database query editor1


Try creating a Union query with MS Access or Update or Insert If you want to see (or edit) the Sql query, sometimes it's hard to remember the names of the tables, you need to remember the names of the tables/queries/columns (or go to their sites to copy and paste) I think the above is reason enough to make me sick of that editor and make my own………

Anyway… this is a windows application developed in VB.Net 2008 IDE. A very productive and easy tool to edit your Sql queries.


We will see the benefits through this small tutorial.

  • Connect to new DB:
  • Save the current query to a file:
  • Database schema:

When you connect to a new database you will see a tree of its objects (queries-tables-columns).
Each column in the tree has a symbol that describes its data type.
And in this tree you will see a sub-tree of functions that can be used in creating queries.
You can drag and drop table names, query names, column names, or function names from the tree to the editor.

  • Coloring keywords:

You will see your query nicely colored, more readable, so, even more, you can change the color to your preferences, and it will save your preferences for next time.

  • Add parameters:

It provides a grid for you to enter parameter names and values ​​to use in parameterized queries.

  • Autocomplete:

Pressing (Ctrl + Space) provides auto-completion, the autocomplete list includes everything you can use in your query (table names, query names, column names, function names, parameter names) , if you've started typing a word, and pressing (Ctrl + Space) filters the autocomplete list so it only contains words that start with part of the word you've already entered, then you can use one of There are three ways to select what you like from the list (double-clicking it, pressing Space while it's selected, or pressing Enter while it's selected,

When you select your target from the list, it replaces part of the word you've already entered.

Whenever you don't want to use the autocomplete list shown, you can press ESC or click it.

(We will talk about technical treatments later).

  • 7. Commenting and executing the selected section:

MS access queries do not support commenting. Bringing information from a source, and needing to execute part of it,

In any case, the user will be a programmer and should know that he cannot use the query in the form of the editor here.

And so to "execute the selected part", I think there is no need to say more for this, all the user has to do is to select a part of the written text in the editor and execute it,

However, you can create a "single-line comment" by preceding it with a dash -- or a "multi-line comment" by putting this /* and following it with this */ (just with this / * Surround it. */ God willing)

  • Text to code:

It provides a nice tool that converts the query expression into code that can be used in either VB.Net or C#.

  • Export output to Excel:

It provides three methods to export grid output to Excel sheet. I know one method is enough, but I wanted this tool to be more of an educational tool than a commercial or utility tool, so you'll see three ways to export data to it. Excel sheet (and there are others)

  • User friendly interface:

Click on the link below to get the source and code of the MS Access database query editor.

Click here to download

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