Download the example of the meter and estimation project

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In this post, for you dear researchers, we have prepared the magic file of a meter and estimation project for you to download.


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Download the example of the meter and estimation project

In this post, for you dear researchers, we have prepared the magic file of a meter and estimation project for you to download.

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Carrying out meter estimation projects has always been one of the problems that dear students have faced and even engineers refuse to do these projects because this subject or complexity has been associated with it and always involves complex calculations. In this section, we have prepared a sample of the meter and estimate project for you to download, which you can easily download and use.

This project is a quadrangular building and the net area of ​​the property is 175 square meters, the underground area and parking area is 124 square meters, the ground floor is 105 square meters, and the first to fourth floors are 111 square meters. It is designed as reinforced concrete

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