Download the portable analysis project sample to present ready research

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Today, for you dear users of the magic file website, we have put a sample of Protal analysis project ready for download for presenting research.


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Download the portable analysis project sample to present ready research

Friends who are going through steel or concrete projects usually always face a problem called portal analysis. One of the parts that always takes a lot of time in building calculations is the analysis of the structure against lateral loads. In this field, several methods have been presented, one One of them is portal analysis, which unfortunately is not given in the course of structural analysis, so there are many students who deal with portal analysis to perform manual calculations for their projects, and they usually encounter problems, that's why I tried to briefly and usefully I will explain the method to my friends along with the solution of an example, I hope it will be useful.

Portal methodThe basis of the portal method is based on the following three assumptions:

1- The turning point of the beam is in the middle of the opening.
2- نقطه عطف ستون در وسط ارتفاع ستون قرار دارد.
3- The shear force is divided between the columns of that layer according to a specific ratio. Some consider this ratio as two shares to the middle column and one share to the side column, but it is more accurate to divide the shear force according to the share of the opening of each column. . If the openings of the frames are equal to each other, the two methods will be the same.

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