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Download sample HTML mobile template

دانلود-نمونه-قالب موبایل-HTML
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Today, for you, dear users of the MagicFile website, we have prepared a sample HTML mobile template for download, which is used by more than 2500 users.


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Download sample HTML mobile template

Today, for you, dear users of the MagicFile website, we have prepared a sample HTML mobile template for download, which is used by more than 2500 users.

This is a mobile HTML template that gives you a starting point when creating a mobile website, web application, and integrating with solutions like phonegap / cordova for a real native application.

نمونهHTML Mobile Template

The download file has a template in 2 versions, each of which has several designs:

One page version

The one-page version contains all the pages in a file and moves from one page to another with jQuery. Each directory file contains all the page code.

Multiple version

In the multi-page version, all pages are created separately. We use Ajax to go from page to page. This allows the template to behave like a program and the browser's URL is not read when loading a new page.

Learn more about HTML / CSS template. Differences between HTML and WordPress items

HTML / CSS template is a pre-designed layout that helps you build a final website. HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is the basic coding for creating web pages. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and is used to define and style HTML elements.

The difference between HTML templates and WordPress themes is that WordPress themes, as the name implies, use WordPress as a CMS and include non-HTML programming languages ​​such as PHP and Javascript.

The download file contains 14 samples of the default template

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Click on the link below to download the sample HTML mobile template

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