دانلود نمونهReady accounting forms و شرکت ها

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For you, dear users of the magic file website, we have prepared a complete collection of ready-made accounting and company forms for download, as described below.


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دانلود نمونهReady accounting forms و شرکت ها 

For you, dear users of the Magic File website, we have prepared a complete set of sample accounting forms and companies ready for download, which is as follows:

Examples of ready-made accounting forms and companies included in this collection are as follows

  1. Annual Ordinary General Assembly Report
  2. Worksheet calculation and assignment of importance
  3. Financial statements control form
  4. Specifications of information sheets of worksheets for increasing fixed assets and expenses
  5. The main list of the permanent file
  6. Names and addresses
  7. Outstanding points
  8. Zonken back form
  9. Current file list
  10. Major points report form
  11. Independence letter for certified public accountants and professional staff
  12. Audit budget form of financial statements
  13. Address form of banks
  14. Employer confirmation
  15. Letter of introduction to the bank regarding access to audit information (Persian)
  16. Confirmation of the contractor
  17. Confirmation of the company's attorney
  18. Request information for audit
  19. Confirmation of investments
  20. Confirmation (debtors and creditors)
  21. Approval of managers
  22. Confirmation of foreign purchase
  23. Confirmation of trust goods
  24. Request information, documents and documents in the implementation of the tax audit contract
  25. Request approval from the bank
  26. Minutes of basic information required to inspect legal offices (community format)
  27. Pursue sending the scheduled schedule, providing information and documents required for the audit
  28. Approval of the Social Security Organization
  29. Standard questionnaire for internal controls of non-periodic (non-cyclical) operations
  30. Schedule sending confirmation letters and following them
  31. Audit evidence checklist
  32. Debt and Reserves Audit Schedule
  33. Final auditor program, profit and loss account and accumulated profit / loss distribution
  34. Fixed and intangible assets audit program
  35. Investment Audit Program
  36. Audit program of inventories and goods under construction
  37. Cash balances and bank accounts audit program
  38. Audit schedule of debtors, advances, deposits and other accounts receivable
  39. Capital and savings audit program
  40. Final Tax Debt Audit Schedule
  41. Simplified Internal Control Questionnaire (summary sheet)
  42. Questionnaire of standard internal controls of the management organization
  43. Warehouse Supervision Checklist
  44. Business Law Checklist (Final)
  45. Implicit audit program ـ دريافتها
  46. Implicit audit program ـ خريد
  47. Implicit audit program ـ فروش
  48. Implicit audit program ـ پرداختها
  49. Implicit audit program ـ حقوق و دستمزد
  50. Standard Internal Control Questionnaire - Cycle and Income
  51. Customer meeting information form to suggest auditing financial statements
  52. Checklist for complying with the regulations of companies listed on the stock exchange
  53. Business continuity checklist
  54. Planning and controlling audit operations
  55. Information that must be disclosed in the financial statements.
  56. Overview of financial statements
  57. Audit checklist
  58. Auditing techniques
  59. Audit outline and time budget
  60. Monthly time sheet form
  61. Monthly working hours allocation sheet (tax audit)
  62. Monthly working hours allocation sheet (audit of financial statements)
  63. Mission cost statement
  64. Transportation payment form
  65. Check-in and check-out times
  66. Overtime confirmation form
  67. Leave application form
  68. Details of the documents in the file
  69. Implicit audit program
  70. Gharz al-Hasna deposit account audit program
  71. Cash Receipts Schedule
  72. Cash Payments Schedule
  73. Audit program for awards
  74. Audit program in favor of deposits ...
  75. Audit schedule for temporary creditors
  76. Audit schedule for long-term deposits
  77. Audit program to grant facilities
  78. List of contents of the audit plan
  79. The details of major shareholders
  80. Timeline and Rials of stock valuation of companies
  81. The most important points in preparing the report of the main points
  82. The initial stages of the audit balance
  83. Permanent file section list - general information
  84. List section - History and activity of the business unit
  85. List of management and staff
  86. List section - Accounting and internal control systems
  87. Evaluate internal controls and transaction handling methods
  88. Sample of authorized signatures
  89. List Index - Financial Statements and Audit Reports
  90. 5 year summary of financial statements
  91. List of sections - assets and savings
  92. Accounting procedures
  93. History of changes in reserves and accumulated profits
  94. List of sub-reports and related reports
  95. Subsidiaries and Affiliates - Details of Related Shares and Goodwill Arising
  96. List of Fixed Assets
  97. Immovable property (real estate)
  98. List of sections - taxes
  99. Summary of tax situation
  100. List of sections - contracts and minutes
  101. Summary of long-term financial facilities contract
  102. Part List - Legal Structure
  103. Summary of Articles of Association
  104. Investigate events after the balance sheet date
  105. Checklist for observing the regulations related to the methods of keeping books and documents and ...
  106. Schedule of purchase observance tests, fees and payments
  107. Inventory inventory sampling list
  108. General audit plan

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