Download sample power electricity questions along with gold power tips

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Today, for you, dear users of the field of electricity, we have prepared a sample electronic power question with the golden tips of electricity for download


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Download sample power electricity questions along with gold power tips

Sample power electricity questions along with gold power tips for you dear users todayElectrical filamentWe are ready to download.

Details of the file you will download are as follows.

1. Number of questions close to 5000 in download file format as pdf with answers
2. Download the book of golden tips of the field of electricity, 600 pieces

Download sample power electricity questions along with gold power tips

Sample questions in this collection

1) Electrical panels are divided into how many categories in terms of voltage level?
 الف)3   ب) 4  ج) 5  د) 7 
2) تابلوهاي LV به لحاظ کاربرد به چند دسته تقسيم بندي ميشوند؟ 
 الف)3  ب) 4   ج)5  د) 7 
3) عنوان indoor و outdoor به کدام نوع دسته بندي تابلو اطلاق ميشود؟ الف)دسته بندي ايستايي تابلو   ب)محل نصب ج)ساختمان و شکا ظاهري   د)هيچ کدام 
4) عنوان self standing و wall mounted به کدام نوع دسته بندي تابلو اطلاق ميشود؟ الف)دسته بندي ايستايي تابلو  ب)محل نصب ج)ساختمان و شکا ظاهري   د)هيچ کدام 
5) The title of fully closed and sliding boards refers to which type of board classification? a) Stationary classification of the panel b) Installation location c) Construction and appearance d) None
6) Which option describes the most appropriate installation location for the main panels? a) after the main transformer b) before the main transformer c) before the final consumer d) none
7) تعريف "تابلوهاي زير دستي از فيدرهاي تابلو هاي اصلي تغذيه ميشوند"مربوط به کدام گزينه است؟ 
  HV (د  MCC (ج  SUB Main( ب  DB(الف
8) تعريف "اکثراً اين تابلوها در ساختمان ها و براي توزيع توان در پايين دست استفاده ميشوند"مربوط به کدام گزينه است؟ 
  HV (د  MCC (ج  SUB Main (ب  DB(الف
9) تعريف "اين تابلو ها مجهز به فرمان از راه دور يا PLC ميباشند"مربوط به کدام گزينه است؟ 
  HV (د  MCC( ج  SUB Main (ب  DB(الف
10) مراحل ساخت تابلو به چند دسته تقسيم ميشود؟ 
 الف)يک  ب)دو  ج)سه   د)چهار 
11) منظور از Rزدن سر شمش ها چيست؟ 
الف)جلوگيري از آسيب ديدن اپراتور هنگام تعمير تابلو ب)جلوگيري از آزاد شدن الکترون ها ج)جلوگير از اتصال شمش ها به يکديگر د)هيچ کدام 
12) عمليات رنگ کاري تابلوها در چند مرحله صورت ميگيرد؟ 
 الف)دو  ب)چهار  ج)شش   د)پنج 
13)  به چه معناست؟ IP مشخصه درجه حفاظتي يا  International Protection(الف   Ingress Protection Marking(ب  ج )گزينه الف و ج د)هيچ کدام
14) According to the IEC-60529 standard, what type of protection does the letter x in IPxy indicate? a) the level of protection against foreign hard objects and the protection of people b) the level of protection against water penetration c) the level of protection against mechanical stresses d) none
15) What is the minimum distance of the cables from each other so that the coefficients of reducing the capacity of the cables are not used? a) equal to the diameter of the cable b) equal to the diameter of the cable c) half the bending radius of the cable
د) محدوديتي از اين بابت وجود ندارد و ميتوان کابلها را درمجاورت هم قرارداد. 
16) Which of the following should be the color of protective conductor insulation in electrical circuits? a) brown b) black c) green/yellow d) light blue
 17) کداميک از عوامل تعييين کننده انتخاب مقطع هادي ها نميباشد؟ 
A) Voltage drop and maximum allowable temperature b) Voltage drop and apparent resistance c) Mechanical electrical stresses of economic benefit d) None
 18) اگر پست ترانسفورماتور به عللي در طبقات بالاي يک ساختمان احداث شود استفاده از چه نوع ترانسفورماتوري مجاز ميباشد؟ 

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Sample of Electric Gold Tips

2 inches equals 50.8 mm.

To create the teeth inside the pipes, braces are used and to create the teeth on the pipes, Hadideh is used.

For non-permanent connection of two workpieces, the most suitable connection is bolt and nut connection.

To increase the current of the batteries, they are connected in parallel and to increase the voltage, the batteries are connected to each other in series.

They use two points of conversion to control the brightness of a place.

A meter is used to measure energy consumption.

In starting single-phase motors, two capacitors, electrolytic starting capacitor and permanent capacitor are oiled.

During the three phases, the difference between the phases is 120 degrees.

Zenz diode is used to stabilize the voltage.

Bushings are used to connect the two pipes.

The height of the socket from the floor is 30 cm and the height of the switch from the floor is 110 cm.

In slotted pole motors, short circuit loops are used on the poles.

To control a circuit from several points, the steps are placed in series and the starters are placed in parallel.

The device used to measure resistance, current and voltage is called an ohmmeter (multimeter).

The centrifugal switch is used to remove the auxiliary coil and capacitor in single-phase motors.

In an AC contactor, the role of the short-circuit loop in the iron core is to prevent oscillations and reduce noise.

The transfer joint is used to connect the dry cable and the oil cable to each other.

It is written on the contactor H08 / 53 that the number of open blades of the steering wheel is 5 blades and the number of closed blades of the steering wheel is 3 blades.

In transistors, the emitter base acts as a diffuser.

The size of A4 paper is 297 210 210 mm.

A cable with a single strand and a triangular cross-section is represented by the letter Se.

A dimmer is used to change the light intensity of the lamp.

A float switch is used to control the fluid level of the tanks.

If NA is written on the cable, the conductor of the cable is made of aluminum.

A timer is used for automatic control in circuits.

4 diodes are used to rectify the whole wave of the bridge.

In the RLC circuit, in the resonant state, the relation XL = XC is established.

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