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Download-نمونه-script سیستم-بانکی-با-استفاده-از-کد PHP
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Today, in this post, we have prepared a sample banking system script using PHP code for download.


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Download نمونه script سیستم بانکی با استفاده از کد PHP

This is a banking system project that I developed with PHP. This project manages bank customer accounts and performs basic customer transactions. This system has 2 types of users, which are Admin and Client. This system allows the customer to store records of their deposits, withdrawals and fund transfers.

درباره سیستم بانکی

This web-based banking system project is developed using PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript (Ajax and jQuery), Bootstrap, and some other plugins/libraries. On the admin side, the system admin user can manage all customer account records, and the admin can initiate transactions for customers. The admin is also responsible for managing the notices that are posted on the public website and all their customers or potential customers can read the post. Then, on the client side, as I mentioned above, the client can complete their transaction using the system and also track all their transactions. This system has many minor features that are relevant for this type of system including some error trapping to prevent system errors caused by human errors. Customer credentials are only created by the admin user.



  • Login page
  • صفحه اعلامیه
  • About Us Page

سمت مشتری

  • Dashboard screen (نمایش شماره حساب و موجودی فعلی)
  • فهرست تاریخچه معاملات
  • سپرده
  • کنار کشیدن
  • انتقال وجه
  • مدیریت اعتبار سیستم

Management side

  • Dashboard screen
  • فهرست تمام تاریخچه تراکنش ها
  • سپرده برای مشتری
  • برداشت برای مشتری
  • انتقال وجه برای مشتری
  • مدیریت اعتبار سیستم
  • تنظیمات/اطلاعات سیستم را مدیریت do

نمونه script سیستم بانکی با استفاده از کد PHP 22

الزامات برای اجرا 

  • everyLocal web serverlike theXAMPP/WAMPDownloadAndنصب do .
  • zip fileProvide the source code providedDownloaddo. ( The download button is below )

Installation / commissioning

  1. کنترل پنل XAMPP/WAMP خود را open do و Apacheو شروع do MySQL.
  2. filecompressedDownload source codedoneExtraction do .
  3. اگر از XAMPP استفاده می do ، پوشه کد منبع Extraction شده را copydoAnd it's inEnter XAMPP's "htdocs" directory . و اگر از WAMP استفاده می do ، آن را در Enter the "www" directory.
  4. PHPMyAdmin در یک reviewگر review do . یعنی
    1. http://localhost/phpmyadmin
  5. یک نامگذاری پایگاه داده جدید ایجادbanking_dbdo.
  6. SQL fileارائه شده را enter.این fileدر داخل پوشه The database is located. banking_db.sql
  7. سیستم بانکداری سادهin onereviewگر review do . یعنی برای Management side 
    1. http://localhost/banking
    2. http://localhost/banking/admin 

اطلاعات دسترسی به سیستم

دسترسی ادمین:

  • user name:admin
  • رمز عبور : admin123
To download the bank system script sample using PHP code, click on the link below

Click here to download

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