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Download a sample dashboard theme template in PowerPoint

دانلود-نمونه قالب-تم-داشبورد-در-پاورپوینت
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Today, in this post, for you, dear users of the Saharamaz website, we have prepared an example of a dashboard theme template in PowerPoint ready for download.


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دانلود نمونه قالب تم داشبورد در پاورپوینت

Today, in this post, for you, dear users of the website, we have prepared a sample dashboard theme template in PowerPoint ready for download.

نمودارهای خطی برای داشبورد عملکرد

One of the charts presented in this template is a line chart. It is usually used to best describe data that changes over time. It connects a series of data points with straight line segments. There are many chart formatting options, such as a rich color palette, different title and subtitle options, soft grid lines, and more. Since the data is attached to Excel, it can be edited in seconds.

Composite charts slide out for KPI status dashboards

Composite charts can be found on several slides throughout this template. As their name suggests, these charts are a combination of two or more charts in one chart. Their goal is to combine more sets of measurement values ​​that are on different scales. Otherwise, it is difficult to compare them, and combination charts make the process easy. All values ​​can be shown in various forms such as lines, bars, candlesticks and step areas. Also, they can be 2D or 3D.

نمودارهای ناحیه برای داشبوردهای اجرایی

An area chart is an extension of a line chart and displays quantitative data. The difference between axis and line is highlighted in different colors and textures. When one wants to compare two or more values, these charts are the ideal solution.

Sample runtime images

نمونه قالب تم داشبورد در پاورپوینت 11

نمونه قالب تم داشبورد در پاورپوینت 223

نمونه قالب تم داشبورد در پاورپوینت 55

نمونه قالب تم داشبورد در پاورپوینت454

  • Well organized and powerful data dashboards
    • Every modern company needs reliable and relevant data presented in the most efficient way.
  • مناسب برای ارائه عملکرد تجاری
    • This format can be designed according to the needs of companies and academic institutions.
  • It's easy to update and customize the dashboard for different situations
    • The presentation can be easily edited in Excel and thus easily updated with new and relevant data.

Learn more about ready-made PowerPoint templates

I will provide you with a ready-made template in the PowerPoint theme. This template includes beautiful and adjustable designs that you can change according to your needs and using PowerPoint tools. The PowerPoint theme template is a basic template that is used to create professional and attractive presentations in PowerPoint software. This template includes layouts, fonts, colors and images that are combined together to create an attractive and professional presentation. Please note that in order to use this template, you must first collect your information and then use this template. Ready, design your slides.

Dear users, it is recommended to download.

Click on the link below to download a sample dashboard theme template in PowerPoint

Click here to download

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