Audio editing software to convert and filter texts

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We have prepared the editing software for you, dear user of the MagicFile website, ready to download. We hope that it will be to your satisfaction, dear ones.


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Download audio editing software to convert and filter texts with high speed and efficiency

We have put the editing software for you, dear user of the MagicFile website, exclusively programmed and ready to download.

Who needs this software?

This software can be useful for all those who deal with text and writing, for example, those who are producing content for the site or friends who are engaged in editing books and articles, this software is undoubtedly an effective software.

An editorial is the process of selecting and preparing written, visual, visual, audio, and media products for the transmission of information. In the editing process, corrections, summaries, reorganizations, and many other changes may be made to produce a coherent, consistent, accurate, precise, and complete work. The person who edits is called the editor.

Features of this software:

  1. High speed and efficiency
  2. With the ability to enter and save text
  3. With the ability to copy texts
  4. با امکانConvert spoken words to textual text (متن گفتاری نه صدا گفتاری مثال (اومد => آمد ) که بعضی از دوستان اشتباهی میگیرند گفتم اینجا یادآوری کنم )
  5. Clear unhealthy words
  6. Convert Arabic letters to Persian
  7. Convert English numbers to Persian
  8. Convert English characters in the text to Persian
  9. Convert numbers to Persian letters
  10. With the possibility of converting words written in Fenglish to Persian
  11. Beautify text by converting words to your family
  12. And ...

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software editing بصوت تبدیل و فیلتر کردن

Dear user, you are offered a download

Click on the link below to download audio editing software to convert and filter texts

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