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Hoveys software (whois query) Iranian domains (ir)

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Hoveys software (whois) Iranian domains (ir) listed as output with Excel file for you dear users of the MagicFile website ready to download


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Download Hoveys software (whois query) Iranian (ir) domains listed as output with Excel file

Whois software (whois)Iranian domains (ir)Listed with outputExcel fileWe have put the MagicFile ready for download for you dear users of the website.

software هویز (پرس و جو whois) Iranian domains (ir)

Learn more about Hoys:

Hoys is the information that a person enters when registering their domain. Information such as place of work, name, surname, contact number and other details

All companies (ICANN) that are major corporate registrars of domain names are onedirectoryMaintain and update the information of those who own the domain. Thiswhois databaseIncludedName, address, email address and phoneOwners of domains. This database is accessible to anyone connected to the Internet. This allows domain owners to prove their ownership with a definite document, and people can contact them to repurchase and register the domain based on this person's information. .

When you enter the domain tab of a domain, you see the following information in order that we have collected the most important ones for you:

email: The domain owner's email

registrant org: The name of the domain owner

registrar: The name of the domain registration center, most domains are registered in the Real time register center.

registrar status: The status of the domain lock is active if it is set to clientTransferProhibited, and the domain lock is open if you watch ok.

Created date: Domain registration date

Expired on: Domain expiration date

updated on: Date of last update

Name Server (s): DNS connected to the domain

IP Address: The IP address of its hosting server

IP Location: The geographical location of the desired domain web hosting service

Server Type: Display the web server of your desired domain

Registrant Name: The name of the domain licensee

Registrant Street: Details of the franchisee address including the street

Registrant City: The name of the licensed city

Registrant State / Province: Details of the franchisee

Registrant Postal Code

Registrant Country: The country that owns the domain

Registrant Phone: The franchise management phone

Registrant Fax: The franchisee management fax

Registry Admin ID: Domain Manager Profile

Admin Email: The domain administrator email

last-updated: The latest update

expire-date: expiration date

address: The full address of the domain owner and their relationships

phone: telephone number

This important information that we brought to you above is called Hoys.

Features and applications of this software

  1. All national domains ir
  2. Get complete information about domain specifications such as (name and address - name and address of the company that registered the domain - domain servers) that exist in Wiz (some of the specifications may be closed by the domain registrant or the provider) In this case, some specifications may not be received)
  3. High speed and performance in execution
  4. With the ability to add manually and as a list of text files
  5. With the ability to save the output as an Excel file
  6. And other facilities

Screenshot at runtime and output as an Excel file

دانلود software هویز (پرس و جو whois) Iranian domains (ir)

Dear user, you are offered a download.

Click on the link below to download Hoys software (whois query) Iranian domains (ir)

Click here to download

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