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Download smart software to increase site visits

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Today, at this moment, for you, dear users of the website, we have prepared a magical file for increasing the number of visits to the site. For more information, read the following text.

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Download smart software to increase site visits

Today, at this moment, for you, dear users of the website, we have prepared a magical file of a smart software to increase site visits. For more information, read the following text.

*** The download link has been removed. We are programming new and better software. To get new software, contact support ***

Download smart software to increase site visits

Download smart software to increase site visits

The details of the software are as follows

Forever free, no registration. Traffic switch and integral mode.

1, reciprocal visits for traffic in different areas
2, Meet a legally controlled browser
3, Flexible use for different needs
4, Chrome Blink Core, No Virus No Trojan
5, filter, block pop-ups.

Running Status: Shows this status as normal, limit, no division. Click the Fix button to check if it has done something wrong if it is not normal, then fix it.
Running Mode: Divided into Traffic Mode and Integral Mode. The user can receive points in Integral Mode.Registeration in Traffic Mode.
You can receive services by point
Settings: This includes auto-play, tray icon display, hide UI / shortcut view, auto-shutdown functions, and more.
Number: This is a unique number that is assigned by the software after adding each site. Pls provide a status query when contacting the user
Customer service. You can click the number to paste the site into the clipboard.
My Site: By default, software visits random sites randomly after sites have been added to visit the added site. The user can click on the site to change the settings.
Time (minutes): This is the total time the soul spends each day on the site, for example Fox: 100 IP daily traffic, 2 minutes time per IP, then a total time of 200 minutes.
Traffic Today: These are two sets of data, the former shows that traffic was used for bees, later shows the traffic needed today. Takes IP as a unit.
Status: These are the two sets of data, the first group shows the display of successful visits to my site, then shows the time of opening my site.
Site control: This status indicates the status of the site online, online, Stop / Start and Del. Traffic is generated when the site is online.
Setup / Export: You can change the types of site and export settings, as well as download the settings in the test tool to check its accuracy.
Available visiting time (minutes): Allocated according to personal computer settings (CPU and Memory). Consumed when adding sites.
Number of sites: This addible.Number software is the same in any software.
Add site: You can add the site to the list for the need of traffic and provide details when adding the site

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