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Download Persian word matching software

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Today, in this post, for you, dear users of the Magical File website, we have placed a software similar to Persian word finder for download.


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Download Persian word matching software

Today, in this post, for you, dear users of the Magical File website, we have placed a software similar to Persian word finder for download.

Examples of images are as follows

دانلودSimilar word finder software فارسی 

Sample words extracted for the word Iran:

Iran Iran
0.88 Iranian Iran
0.88 Iranian pilgrims
0.85 Ira Iran
Iran Iran
0.8 Iranian shirts
0.8 دگایران ایران
0.75 Iran
0.75 Arab Iran
0.75 Iran Lands
0.75 Iraq Iran
0.75 Heritage of Iran
0.75 Iran Irakh
0.75 Iran's objection
0.75 IRAS Iran
0.75 IRAS Iran
0.75 Iran Irat
0.75 Iran
0.75 Araf Iran
0.75 Iraq Iran
0.75 Iran Iran
0.75 Iran Iram
0.75 Iran Road
0.75 Biran Iran
0.75 For Iran
0.75 Piran Iran
0.75 Piraeus of Iran
0.75 Tiran Iran
0.75 Thiran Iran
0.75 Iranian Cruises
0.75 Iran's neighbors
0.75 چیران ایران
0.75 Harayer Iran
0.75 Hiran Iran
0.75 Iranian Charities
0.75 in Iran
0.75 دیران ایران
0.75 Iranian particles
0.75 Ryan Iran
0.75 رایر ایران
0.75 Ziran Iran
0.75 Saryer Iran
0.75 سیران ایران
0.75 Iranian Lions
0.75 Shirai Iran
0.75 صرایر ایران
0.75 صیران ایران
0.75 Iranian coefficients
0.75 Iranian aircraft
0.75 Iran Iran
0.75 Iran Iran
0.75 Instincts of Iran
0.75 Other Iran
0.75 فیران ایران
0.75 قیران ایران
0.75 Kiran Iran
0.75 Iranians
0.75 Miran Iran
0.75 Marayer Iran
0.75 Niran Iran
0.75 Destroyed Iran

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The main features of Persian word finder software

  • High speed and performance at runtime
  • Has an offline database
  • Show percentage similarity of words
  • Extract the displayed list

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