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Download email address verification software (by checking the format and domain of the email server provider)

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Today, in this post, we have prepared an email address verification software for you, dear users, to download


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Download email address verification software (by checking the format and domain of the email server provider)

The verification of the email address is done automatically with the software and you can check your email list and find out if the entered email address is real or not, you can easily use it.

softwareCheck the validity of the email address 2

Most software is always thinking about how to find out if the email address is correct or not. There are several ways to find out the correct email address, which I mention for you, we must first check the email format, ie the email is spelled correctly or No later, it is checked through the server domain whether this email is available or not. In this software, all the work is done automatically and through the api, which you can easily test your emails by downloading this software.

The features of this software are as follows

  1. High speed and performance at runtime
  2. Check the format and accuracy of the email separately
  3. Use the apap of the rapidapi website (by default you work through the api of the magic site and you can change it through the relevant option, which is a free api)
  4. With the ability to save the output of the email list as an Excel file
  5. With the possibility of entering the email address individually and in groups through a text file
  6. And ....

Software image at runtime and output as an Excel file

دانلودEmail address verification software3


Dear user, you are offered a download

Click on the link below to download the email address verification software (by checking the format and domain of the email server provider)

Click here to download

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