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Download software to spend the past tense

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Today, in this post, for you, dear users of the website, we have prepared a software for downloading a software for spending the past tense (simple - extensions - pension - narrative - mandatory - unlikely)


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Download software to spend the past tense (simple - extortion - pension - narrative - mandatory - unlikely)

Today, in this post, we have prepared for you, dear users of the website, a magic file of a software for past tense (simple - continuous - continuous - transitive - obligatory - improbable) ready for download.

Sample of application images at runtime

دانلود software برایOnly the verb ماضی

Download software to spend the past tense1

Application and efficiency of software

This software is for past tense verbs, ie the user enters the desired verb and then the click is displayed as a list of current verbs. It is more useful for students.

What is a simple past tense verb?

The simple past verb (past perfect) refers to the past that has finished and needs identifiers in addition to the past participle to be used; So it is very simple in structure and meaning. This verb plays a role in the construction of other verbs such as past continuous, past transitive, improbable past, future past, continuous transitive past, concrete past transitive, past participle and future verb.

ساختمانSimple past tense verb
To construct a simple past tense, we attach the subject identifiers to the past participle:

بن مازی + Characteristic IDs

What is the past continuous verb?

In the dictionary, the word continuity has been recorded in the meaning of going continuously and always being fluent. This is exactly the meaning that the past continuous verb, with emphasis on the past, wants to convey to the calculator. So whenever we intend to express the repetition and continuity of something in an unspecified period of time in the past, we use the past continuous verb.
This verb is made by adding "may" to the past participle and adding identifiers to them.

می + بن ماضی + َم, ی ، - ، یم ، ید ، َند

What is a past tense verb?

The past participle is in the category of past verbs; But in terms of meaning, this verb refers to the relationship between past and present tenses. In this way, the fulfillment or non-fulfillment of the verb in the past is somehow related to the present. For example, when we say "I have heard this poem"; I mean, I have heard this poem and I still remember it.
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ساختPast tense verb
The transitive past tense, like the improbable past tense and the imperative past tense, is made by combining the object adjective and one of the auxiliary verbs, in such a way that:

Objective adjectives (bin past + e) ​​+ um, e, is, im, id, are

What is an improbable past tense?

The past tense verb or improbable past tense is used to express the current event that happened in the far past and more than that and is presented through the narration of a story. This verb usually precedes other verbs (except those in quotations) and the verb or verbs that come after it are mostly expressed in the past participle or the past participle continuous:
Apparently, they have seen him.
The construction of the past tense verb
In the example above, you can see that the past participle is formed by combining the passive adjective (Ben past + e) ​​and the past participle of being in the following order:

Object adjective + past participle of infinitive

What is the obligatory past tense?

The obligatory past tense is in the group of verbs that indicate an event related to doubt, desire, condition, and the like in the past tense.
The structure of the obligatory past tense
The past participle, like the improbable past and transitive past, is made by combining the passive adjective (past participle + e) ​​and one of the auxiliary verbs as follows:

Adjective adjective (bin past + e) ​​+ auxiliary verb + identifiers

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To download the software to spend the past tense, click on the link below

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