Download Android software automatic Persian text editor

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Today, in this post, we have prepared for you, dear users of the Saharamaz website, an Android software for automatic Farsi text editor ready for download.


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Download Android software automatic Persian text editor

Today, in this post, for you, dear users of the website, we have prepared a magical file for Android, an automatic Persian text editor software, for download.

Android Editor software helps you to write more beautiful and accurate Persian texts.

Sample images at program runtime

software اندرویدAutomatic Persian text editor 1

software اندرویدAutomatic Persian text editor 1

The filters available to work are as follows:

  1. End of Windows lines with Unix eol ( ) Replaces
  2. Converts the set of numbers and selected html characters to the main characters
  3. Replaces the triple arrow with mdash
  4. Removes the space between the dots and replaces the three dots with an oval character
  5. Replaces more than one ellipse with an ellipse then replaces the ellipse (space | tab | zwnj) with a space
  6. Re-orders date pieces with slash as separator
  7. Replaces English quotation pairs ("") with their Persian equivalent ("").
  8. Replaces English quotation marks with their Persian equivalents
  9. And then replace (space | ZWNJ | lrm) with? And then replace (space | ZWNJ | lrm | nothing) with? Replace? Or a single character? By standard h?
  10. Does Hamza Arabi convert ة to ه?
  11. Converts right-to-left characters, followed by Persian characters, to zero-width non-connectors (ZWNJ).
  12. (Converts all soft dashes (& shy;) to zwnj) (Deletes more than one syllable) Clears numbers, English words, spaces and punctuation marks (removes unnecessary zwnj at the beginning / end of each line)
  13. Replaces Arabic numerals with their Persian equivalents
  14. Replaces English numbers with their Persian equivalents
  15. (Replace English percentage symbols (U + 066A)) (Replace points between numbers in decimal separators (U + 066B)) (Alternate comma between numbers with thousands separator (U + 066C))
  16. Replaces its Persian equivalent with normal Arabic / Swash Kaf Arabic / Urdu / Pashto / Uyghur replaces its Persian equivalent with its Persian equivalent Kurdish
  17. Replace ,, ; With its Persian equivalent
  18. Replaces the question mark with its Persian equivalent
  19. puts zwnj between word and prefix: (mi *, nemi *, bi *)
  20. puts zwnj between word and suffix: (* ha, * hey) (* am, * at, * ash, * ei, * eid, * eem, * and, * man, * tan, * shan) (* Tar, * Tar, * Tarin) (* Hay, * Hayam, * Hayat, * Hayash, * Haytan, * Hayman, * Hayshan)
  21. And after that it is replaced by others
  22. Removes indoor spaces and more than one external space for (), [], {}, "" and "".
  23. (Removes space before punctuation) (Removes more than one space after punctuation, except for new lines) (Removes post-colon space that separates time sections) (Removes space after dots in numbers) (Removes space before tlds of some common domains) (Removes space between question mark and exclamation mark) (Removes space between same symbols)
  24. (clears zwnj before diacritical characters) (clears more than one diacritical character) (clears spaces before diacritical characters)
  25. Removes all diacritical characters
  26. Turns incorrect Persian letters into standard characters
  27. (Removes pre-parentheses on miscellaneous items) (Removes pre-parentheses containing numbers)
  28. (Replaces more than one space with just one space) (Clears / zwnj space between new lines)
  29. Cleans more than two consecutive lines
  30. (removes space / tab / zwnj / nbsp from the beginning of new lines) (removes spaces, tabs, zwnj, directional marks and new lines from the beginning and end of text)
  31. (Removes spaces between [] and () ([Text] (link) in [Text] (link))).) (Space between! And unlock (! [Alt] (src) to! [Alt ] (src))) (removes spaces in doubles (), [],}} ([[text]] to [[text]]))) (space between two (), [],}} Deletes [[[text]] to [[text]]).)
  32. Removes extra lines between two items in a bookmark list that starts with -, * or #.
  33. (Refuses to convert English numbers to ordered lists in markup) (Aggressive editing)
  34. (Replaces more than one exclamation mark with only one exclamation mark) (Replaces more than one English or Persian question mark with only one exclamation mark) (Re-orders consecutive points:?!
  35. In parentheses, he replaces Kashidas with ndash
  36. Converts cache between numbers to ndash Removes all caches between characters without white space
  37. Preserves introductory data in the text
  38. Retains all html tags in the text
  39. Saves all html comments in the text
  40. Preserves all html entities in the text
  41. Retains all uri strings in the text
  42. Holds the strings inside the brackets ([])
  43. Preserves strands in curly braces ({})
  44. All creatures maintain uninterrupted space in the text

The editor does the following by default:

  • Translates Arabic characters into Persian. For example, Arabic cuff and yay.
  • Converts common English characters in Persian typing to its correct Persian equivalent, such as converting an English comma to a comma (,), or a semicolon instead of a semicolon (;), or using "Persian quotes"
  • Converts Arabic and English numbers and mathematical symbols to their Persian equivalents. For example: 12.456
  • Converts three dots to its correct character, which is just one character, and corrects its spacing…
  • In combinations such as "father house" ending in "e", the "y" sign converts the extra fraction to "h".
  • Converts two consecutive minus signs to a short dashed line (-) and three consecutive minus signs to a long dashed line (---).
  • Corrects spacing. There is only one space between each word and half a space between prefixes and suffixes such as "may", "wet" and "most". Removes the comma or period before the word.
  • Adjusts the spacing for texts between quotation marks,. Parentheses}, [parentheses] and (parentheses).
  • Removes the exclamation mark and extra question ?!

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