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Download half-space correction software in Persian texts

دانلود-نرم-افزار اصلاح-نیم-فاصله-در-متن-های-فارسی
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Today, in this post, we have prepared for you, dear users of the Magic File website, a software for correcting half-spaces in Persian texts.


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Download the software for correcting half space in Persian texts

Today, in this post, for you, dear users of the website, we have prepared a magic file of a software for correcting half spaces in Persian texts.

Correct your text spacing easily and with just one click

Learn more about the half distance

There are two types of spaces in Persian language: the space outside the word and the space inside the word; The interword space is a sign of the independence of two words and is used to separate words from each other; This space is also called "single letter space" in typewriters and computers. On the other hand, the space within the word is used to separate the parts of a word or to better separate the parts of a combination. The space within the word is sometimes called "semi-space".

Farhangistan of Persian Language and Literature has explained in the script book about which words or combinations should be written separately and which words or combinations should be written continuously. In addition, some other sources have suggested rules for using semi-spaces, and Persian Wikipedia users have sometimes defined other rules by consensus and use them in Wikipedia. In this style sheet, the rules of using semi-space and how to write it are explained with examples.

Sample images at runtime

Download half-space correction software in Persian texts2

The main features of the application

  • Ability to modify text spacing up to 80%
  • Simple and high performance software
  • High speed correction
  • With the ability to save and read text
  • And a few other features

Dear user, you are offered a download.

To download the half distance correction software in Persian texts, click on the link below

Click here to download

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Comment sent by Nova - 1/09/2023 2:52:13 am
Greetings and courtesy Thank you very much for the file that you put for download, you are good and excellent Both the contents were excellent and the presentations and your site
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Comment sent by Padina - 2022/12/07 6:46:49 pm
Greetings to educated people, who always make a continuous effort to provide the latest. Congratulations to the professor for publishing this article. Always be successful and victorious.
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