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Download the mocap design of the book display in Photoshop as an atn file

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Today, for the users of the Magical File website, we have prepared a book display mocap design in Photoshop as an atn file for download. This file is needed by those who want to create a display design for their book.


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Download the mocap design of the book display in Photoshop as an atn file

Today, for the users of the MagicFile website, we have prepared a mockup design for displaying a book in Photoshop as an atn file. This file is needed by those who want to create a demo design for their book.

The sample image is as follows

موکاپ نمايش کتاب در فتوشاپ

An ATN file is an Adobe Photoshop file. It is made to record steps / functions in Photoshop and means to be "played" again at a time to automate the same steps.

ATN files are basically shortcuts in Photoshop that are useful if you go through many of the same steps time and time again; The ATN file can record these steps and then run them automatically.

ATN files can be used not only on the same computer that recorded them, but also on every computer that installs them.

How to open an ATN file

ATN files are used with Adobe Photoshop, so this is what you need to open them.

If you do not double-click or double-tap an ATN file in Photoshop, follow these steps:

Make sure the Action palette is open from the Windows menu. You can do this with the Alt + F9 shortcut keys.

Click the small menu item at the top right of the operation panel.

Select the Load Actions ... option.

Select the ATN file you want to add to Photoshop.


Note: Many downloaded ATN files come as an archive, such as a ZIP or 7Z file. You need a program like 7-Zip to extract the ATN file from the archive.

How to convert ATN file

ATN files must be in a special format for Adobe Photoshop to recognize them. In addition, since there is no other software that uses this type of ATN file, there is no need to convert the file to another format.

However, you can convert an ATN file to an XML file so you can edit the steps and then convert the XML file to an ATN file for use in Photoshop.

More help with ATN files

You can download ATN files created by other users and use them in your Photoshop application

For example, the ATT file format is very similar to ATN but belongs to either the Alphacam Lathe Tool file or a web form submission file, neither of which can be used with Adobe Photoshop.

Audio audio analysis software tools are similar. They use the AAN file format, which can easily be mistaken for an ATN file and tried for use in Photoshop. Instead, AAN files are opened with Avid Pro Tools.

If you are sure you have an ATN file, but it does not work as you thought it should, please help for more information about contacting me on social media or by email, posting to technical support forums, and more. . Let me know about your problems and issues by opening or using the ATN file and see what I can do to help.

Dear user, a download offer is given to you

Click on the link below to download the book view mocap design in Photoshop as an atn file.

Click here to download

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