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Prepared article on family and population knowledge in PowerPoint file format

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Dear students, we have prepared a ready-made article for you about family and population knowledge

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Download the ready article about family and population knowledge in the form of PowerPoint file in beautiful slides

Dear students, we have prepared a ready-made article for you about family and population knowledge, which has a beautiful and editable slide. We hope we can meet your needs with this ready-made article, dear friends. You can easily download this file from the magical file site. Download

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عنوان مقاله :Family and population knowledge
File format: PowerPoint ppt (PowerPoint)
Ability to run with Office versions: 2013 to the latest version
Ability to edit after download: Yes
Possibility of printing: without any printing problems
Number of slides: 130

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Prepared article on family and population knowledge

Prepared article on family and population knowledge

Prepared article on family and population knowledge

Chapter One: Forming a Family
Chapter Two: Rights, Responsibilities and Family Excellence
Chapter Three: Strengthening the Family
Chapter 4: Family Security
Chapter Five: Parenting
Chapter Six: Population

Premarital injuries

Injuries of friendship with the opposite sex
The occurrence of jealousy
Increased violence
Addiction to alcohol and drugs
Intensification of family conflicts
Committing a crime and behavioral offenses
Unwanted pregnancies
Forced early marriage
Suffering from emotional disorders
And ...
How do we get injured?
How do we get injured?
Religion version to deal with injuries
Considerable results of the "Student News Agency" survey on academic friendships
Have you ever experienced friendships with the opposite sex?
Was your goal a marriage friendship?
What was friendship after all?
Premarital injuries
Hidden effects of friendship before marriage away from the eyes of the family (even with the purpose of marriage): 1. Attractions prevent the other party from seeing the disadvantages (as if there is a text next to a light bulb and you want to read the text)

5. Psychological damage when communication is cut off, especially for girls (for reasons such as lack of marriage conditions for boys, such as financial conditions)
6. If they do not marry, a coma arises as if I am no longer married or they hate the opposite sex altogether.

Danger of sexual perversions
It is stated in the narrations that every sin that is promised punishment in the Qur'an is "great", and since the sin of adultery is explicitly promised in the Book of God, there is no doubt that it is great.

To avoid dependence:
Do not express your feelings
Do not talk to each other and do not interact with each other
Control your gaze and behavior because emotions are transmitted without words
In order to maintain your personality and respect, do not behave in such a way that he feels that you are in an unhealthy relationship
If you think that someone is suitable for marriage, ask his / her opinion about marriage with you through a trustworthy and experienced person.

Family formation and its functions
Marriage functions
Your development
The experience of becoming a wife and then becoming a parent is a kind of personality perfection and a person feels others as a part of himself as a result of these experiences.
After her marriage, I become like that
That man is more interested in the fate of the family
Up to their destiny, suffer until they are in
Be comfortable, this is a degree of self.
Emotional growth and increased sense of responsibility
Increasing love and affection in cohabitation

Marriage functions
Increasing faith in cohabitation
The Holy Prophet (PBUH): Every young man who marries at a young age, the devil shouts that he has saved two thirds of his religion from being plundered by me, then this servant should practice piety in the remaining one third.
The need for independence and the marriage response to this need
New management experience
The flourishing of talents in cohabitation
Increasing family support after marriage
Increasing social prestige

Questions to know more:
1- What are your obvious moral characteristics?
2- What moral and behavioral characteristics do your friends know you most?
3- Who do you get annoyed with associating with?
4. What is your reaction to the person you are upset with?
5. How do you show your unhappiness?
6- What are your strict issues? What issues bother you?
7- Do you have a special prejudice?
8. What is the most important trait you would like your spouse to have?
9- What is the most important characteristic that you do not want your spouse to have?
10- Familiarity with sensitivities and interests

Dear ones, you will make us happy. If you have any questions or suggestions about the knowledge of your family and population, send us your comments from the comments section. Your questions will be answered in the shortest possible time, friends.

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Prepared article on family and population knowledge in PowerPoint file format

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