Sample page content management script using PHP and Summernote text editor

نمونه-script-مديريت-محتواي-صفحه-با-استفاده-از-PHP-و ويرايشگر-متن-Summernote
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Today, in this post, for you, dear users of the Magic File website, we have prepared a sample page content management script using PHP and the Summernote text editor ready for download.


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Download sample page content management script using PHP and Summernote text editor

This is a simple source code and tutorial that manages page content in a web application. This code will help you understand and get an idea of ​​how to create a page content management feature for a CMS website. This type of feature can give your end users a way to create or manage page content from the front or without managing real source code files. This can be useful for those who are planning to develop a Content Management System (CMS) using PHP.

This script works without a database

Below, I provided a source code for a simple web-based application where end users can create new page content. The following source code uses the following libraries:
Since we will be using PHP language for our backend code, please download and install a local web server such as XAMPP to run PHP scripts.

Sample images at script time

نمونه script مديريتPage Content Using PHP 1

نمونه script مديريتPage Content Using PHP 2

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Click on the link below to get a sample script for page content management using PHP and Summernote text editor.

Click here to download

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