Complete mobile software html template

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Today, for you dear users, we have prepared the complete magic html file of the mobile software website for download.


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Download mobile software html template in full

Today, for you dear users, we have prepared the complete magic html file of the mobile software website for download.

Creative and unique mobile templates Introduction PWA structure script style

 Complete mobile software html template

 Complete mobile software html template55

 Complete mobile software html template


Responsive HTML template based on Bootstrap 4.5.2 framework with a wide range of pre-designed widgets, blocks and HTML styles.

This template is based on the Bootstrap 4.5.2 framework, and we offer a wide range of unique, creative and flexible custom components. We are also developing a component library with widgets and other third-party customizations. We also plan to create many other demo programs for our customers so that they can easily code html pages that can meet the requirements.

Here are the guidelines provided to understand the basic structure framework and about the template. We have listed all the criteria that are unique and easy to understand. If something is missing or needs further explanation, we welcome it. For third parties, we recommend that you see the official documents for complete guidance on third parties. We used the HTML editor during this documentation and code writing.

We also created color themes with different css, you can change other style themes with the class name on the HTML tag.


    +  css

    +  img

    +  js

    +  scss

    + vendors

    - All pages

HTML: The main project file for the HTML template is located in this folder

css: css The template is placed in this folder

img: All images used in the templates for display are stored here (third-party plug-in image is not included in this folder)

scss: scss with predefined color variables and styles

js: Template js files are stored in this folder

Sellers: We have tried to model many third party parties to show the appearance of the template in its template. We mostly use MIT licenses and free commercial licenses, but we highly recommend checking the license once if your business domain, content allows you to use it on the other side.

Pages: HTML template pages include all demo pages and components.

All assets are in a folder and are as required by our demo and template. You can start with the new version and you can add what you need in the mobile app or create a mobile website. Consider a new blank.html page with minimal page content. Copy the assets folder and the demo folder to get your project up and running quickly.


This template has predefined themes for different colors.

The template has a predefined css with different shades. You can access our demo and click on the palette icon in the lower right corner. Choose the color you like This color display palette requires a local host or host files somewhere. Also, the predefined css can be replaced in CSS in the HTML head tag just by replacing the stlysheet name.

We also used a color style selector that you can use to preview the color scheme. If you no longer use the style selector, we recommend that you remove the stylepicker code from the page as the class name with the right sidebar, and also remove 'color-scheme-demo.js' from the page to reduce page load time. . Make sure that here we set the cookie js file to save the variable for the selected styles to set the style in the reload.


We've added script template feature and style feature.

Here we divide three separate custom js sections.

Pattern level

All scripts required for global template functions are defined in js in the main.js folder

Color style

All the scripts needed to change the color and save the cookie variables are defined in the js-color-demo.js folder.

Special page

All script pages are in app.js and also with the jQuery case data with page-page attribute added to each script page. All scripts required for specific page elements are stored on the page before the body tag is inserted.

I hope this helps to differentiate and make good use of scripts in the form of creative templates

Code structure

We have clean code with minimal comments and helpful comments.

 Complete mobile software html template4

 Complete mobile software html template1

 Complete mobile software html template2

 Complete mobile software html template3

Main features

  • Analytical Dashboard
  • Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE 10+, Edge and Opera are supported
  • 30+ prefabricated pages
  • Framework controls (alerts, buttons, cards, groups, pagination, progress, tables, toolbars)
  • Dark mode
  • Fully responsive design
  • Design of bootstrap templates
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Menu design of two types
  • and more

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