Sample ready-made store template script using jQuery, Bootstrap and JSON as PWA

نمونه-script-آماده-قالب-فروشگاهی با-استفاده-از-jQuery -، Bootstrap-و-JSON-بصورت-PWA
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Sample ready-made store template script using jQuery jQuery, Bootstrap Bootstrap and Jason JSON as PWA Advanced Web Application


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Download sample ready-made store template script using jQuery jQuery, Bootstrap Bootstrap and Jason JSON as PWA Advanced Web Application

This template has a menu and an easy-to-use system to create a digital menu for your website as well as for your store selling and accepting orders using jQuery, Bootstrap and JSON.

نمونه script آمادهStore template using jQuery  جی کوئری، بوت‌استرپ Bootstrap و جیسون JSON

It is very easy to use the JSON Driven ordering system built using jQuery, Bootstrap and JSON. Just add the products to the json file and it is ready to use. No need for PHP and MySQL

Has support for taking Takeaway / Pickup, Table & for Deliveries orders

Multi-level products and categories (subsets) - can have unlimited categories and products

Product Options - Support for unlimited product options with Addon pricing.

Tax - can have a default tax rate

Shipping - may have a basic shipping cost, additional changes can be added to any product.

Fully JSON Driven, unlimited items can be displayed.


  1. Powered by jQuery & Bootstrap
  2. Easy customization
  3. Simple yet attractive and easy to use !!
  4. Fully JSON Data Driven
  5. HTMl5 markup
  6. Cross browser compatibility
  7. Responsive layout
  8. Compatible with mobile
  9. Ready to use.
  10. Thumbnail support for the product
  11. Additive price by option
  12. Multiple levels (subgroups) Unlimited categories
  13. Unlimited products
  14. Well documented
  15. 100% customized shopping cart
  16. PWA - Advanced Web Application

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