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دانلود نمونه قالب تم پاورپوینت در موضوع جلسه برنامه ریزی اسپرینت

دانلود-نمونه-قالب-تم-پاورپوینت-در-موضوع جلسه-برنامه-ریزی-اسپرینت
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Today, in this post, for you, dear users of the Magic File website, we have prepared a sample PowerPoint theme template on the topic of the sprint planning meeting ready for download.


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دانلود نمونه قالب تم پاورپوینت در موضوع جلسه برنامه ریزی اسپرینت

Sprints are execution cycles in the SCRUM methodology where a team works to deliver a specific project. Sprint planning is the first step in this process and is critical to a successful sprint. This is where the Scrum Master, Product Owner, and the rest of the team must define what will be delivered and how the work will be done. Use the sprint planning PowerPoint template to align your team with the sprint goal and make sure you all have the same vision. You can showcase your backlog, set a sprint timeline, assign roles, and more.

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دانلود نمونه قالب تم پاورپوینت در موضوع جلسه برنامه ریزی اسپرینت 11

دانلود نمونه قالب تم پاورپوینت در موضوع جلسه برنامه ریزی اسپرینت 22

دانلود نمونه قالب تم پاورپوینت در موضوع جلسه برنامه ریزی اسپرینت 44

دانلود نمونه قالب تم پاورپوینت در موضوع جلسه برنامه ریزی اسپرینت 66

دانلود نمونه قالب تم پاورپوینت در موضوع جلسه برنامه ریزی اسپرینت 77

اسلاید پاورپوینت بک لاگ محصول

Start your sprint planning with a complete view of your backlog. This eye-catching PowerPoint slide is perfect for showing all product functions and analysis together. You can group them and add a brief description of selected tasks so your team knows all the details they need to focus on.

اسلاید پاورپوینت هدف اسپرینت

You can set your Sprint Goal on one slide or add it to all of them. The Sprint Planning PowerPoint template comes with bold text boxes and charts on each slide, making it easier to highlight each key element, such as your sprint goal. That way, you reinforce that everyone is on the same page.

پاورپوینت برنامه ریزی اسپرینت تایم لاین

Use the six-week bi-pace planning timeline to respond to work progress and communicate important deadlines. You can color code and assign more important tasks as needed. A two-speed planning timeline is also the best way to share what you expect from the team and what success looks like.

  • Effective two-speed planning creates high-performing teams
    • Some of the benefits of an organized speed schedule include higher motivation, stronger teamwork, and increased productivity.
  • بررسی های اسپرینت
    • The Sprint Planning PowerPoint template also works for your Sprint reviews. Measure your team's performance against your goals and primary tasks to see everyone's progress
  • عرشه برنامه ریزی اسپرینت مدرن
    • Make your team part of the sprint planning process with a modern PowerPoint that serves as a tool for better communication and management.

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دانلود-نمونه-قالب-تم-پاورپوینت-در-موضوع الگوی-معرفی-هویت-برند

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