پروژه سیستمHuman resource management in PHP source code و MySQL

پروژه-سیستم-Management-منابع-انسانی-در-کد-منبع -PHP-و-MySQL
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Today, in this post, we have prepared for you, dear website users, the magic file of a human resources management system project in PHP and MySQL source code.


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پروژهHuman resource management system در کد منبع  PHP و MySQL

این One Human resource management system ساده است . این One برنامه وب است که در PHPAndMySQL databaseit is developed. It aims to provide an automated online platform for certain company employees to manage or submit leave requests. It has a pleasant user interface with some gradient colors and fromBootstrapAndResponsee FrameworkUsed for page design. It consists of user-friendly features and capabilities

سیستمHuman resource management in PHP source code و MySQL

The Human Resource Management System project has been developed using the following technologies

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JS
  • PHP
  • MySQL database
  • ویرایشگر کد VS
  • چارچوب بوت استرپ
  • چارچوب پاسخگو

ویژگی ها و عملکردها

این پروژه از ویژگی ها و قابلیت های زیر تشکیل شده است.

سمت Management

  • Arrivals and Departures
  • Dashboard screen
  • Management کارکنان
  • Management برنامه ها را ترک کنید
  • Update password

سمت کارمند

  • ورود و خروج
  • Dashboard screen
  • ایجاد برنامه ترک جدید
  • لیست و Management برنامه های ترک
  • Update password

 Human resource management system چگونه کار می کند؟

thisپروژهHuman resource management system دارای 2 ماژول است که عبارتند از پنل ManagementAndسمت کارمند .. These 2 sides of the site have different features and functions according to their user role.

پنل ManagementIt is a part of the system that only system administrators can access. This is where the human resources or staffing department manages the company's employee list. System administrators are the ones who can accept or reject employee leave requests. Here, admins can list, add, edit, and delete data in the main list of locations, countries, states, and cities.

Employee-SideA side of the system that only employees can access. This position allows employees to create new leave schedules. After creating a leave request, their pending, accepted and rejected requests are listed on the leave request page. On the dashboard page, a logged in employee can see their vacation request summary, which is just the total number of pending and accepted requests.


  • everyوب سرور محلی را DownloadAndinstalllike theXAMPP
  • zip file کد منبع providedDownloaddo. ( The download button is below )

System installation

  1. XAMPP control panelyourselfopenDo andApache را راه اندازی کنید MySQLLaunch the
  2. کد منبع Download شدهparticle for direct objectاستخراج کنیدfilecompressed.
  3. Extracted source code folderکپی کرده و placeAnd it's inEnter XAMPP's "htdocs" directory .
  4. PHPMyAdmin را در One reviewگر reviewdo . that's mean http://localhost/phpmyadmin
  5. OneBaseNew datain the name ofCreate hrm_dbdo.
  6. fileSQL providedenter.This file namedhrm_db.sqlIt is known that inside the folderdb is located.
  7. Human resource management systeminreviewگر reviewdo . that's meanhttp://localhost/hrm/ .

Default admin access:

  • user name
  • password:admin#123
To get the human resources management system project in PHP and MySQL source code, click on the link below

Click here to download

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