scriptSchool management system in PHP

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Today, for you dear users of the website, we have prepared a MagicFile of a school management system script in PHP for download.

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scriptSchool management system in PHP

Today, for you dear users of the website, we have prepared a MagicFile of a school management system script in PHP for download.

scriptSchool management system in PHP

About the project

The school management system project is developed using PHP, CSS, Bootstrap and JavaScript. Talking about the project has all the basic features. This project only includes the admissions section where it can control and manage students, expenses, teachers, classes, subjects, dormitories and more. Admin plays a key role in system management. In this project, all the main functions are performed by the Admin.

scriptSchool management system in PHP

About the system

Admin has full control of the system, all operations must be performed from the admin panel. Here, the user can use the CRUD features to manage students, expenses, bank, teachers, topics, classes, streams, accommodation, timeline, events, announcements, test results, cost structure, attendance . You can also view login sessions from the admin panel. We now talk about all the main functions of the system, namely the feature of adding, editing, deleting and viewing students, teachers, classes, dormitories, streams and cost management. When adding a student, the user must include full name, gender, date of birth, photos, registration number, class of choice, stream, dormitory, date of enrollment, category, school year, total fees, prepayment fees, balance, and Parents

Similarly, when adding teachers, the user must provide name, gender, age, phone number, email ID and staff number. To pay the fees, the amount of the fee must be announced from the cost structure section. All payments are made through banks. So there needs to be a banking sector here. And the user can add the name of the bank with the account number required when paying student fees. To pay the fees, he must choose the name of the student, the meeting, the amount paid, the bank branch and the statements. Not only students and teachers, here the user must also add subject and class details. It is very easy to add topics and classes, he just has to provide the name of the topic and the class. And talking about currents has the same procedure.

Other features

scriptSchool management system in PHP

scriptSchool management system in PHP

scriptSchool management system in PHP

scriptSchool management system in PHP

A school also has a dormitory so this is also an important feature of the system. Similarly, while adding hostels, this method is very simple, all you have to do is provide a name and select its availability status. During the school year, a timetable should be set for students, so the system also includes timetable management where the system administrator can easily manage the schedule. The user only has to provide a timeline photo and select the class and stream to set a timeline for students. To manage events through the system, the administrator must provide the event name, select the date, and enter the details. Through this feature, all school events are managed systematically.

Another role of the principal is to issue announcements by publishing announcements for students as well as school students. This is similar to events, all you have to do is add the title of the announcement, with the date and details of the announcement. With this feature, any student as well as the teacher can be informed of upcoming events or announcements. Last but not least, rent is an important feature of publishing test results, and this feature is also available in the system. To publish the exam result, he must choose the student's name, category, subject, grades and semester. This feature makes it easy to manage test results, as the supervisor can easily add, view and delete. Class attendance is also maintained through the system by selecting the subject, name, date and attendance or non-attendance mark.

Minor features

Also, all meetings can be viewed from the admin panel, which shows the year, duration and status. In the admin dashboard, all recent cost sets are displayed with ID number, student name, amount and total balance. And yes, the details of each student's parents must also be recorded in the system, which is also displayed in the admin dashboard. Other items such as total attendance, exams, sessions, student type and cost structure are also displayed. The school management system in PHP helps to easily manage school functions. The design of this project is very fast and responsive so that the user will not have trouble using, understanding and navigating with it.

The system also has a management area where you can check for the latest system updates and entries that include all management. Also check member statistics. Here you can turn the maintenance mode on and off. This means that whenever the system needs maintenance, the system can be changed to maintenance mode. This includes other tools such as admin settings, thumbnail reconstruction, emailing to all users. Database backups can be easily thrown away

scriptSchool management system in PHP

Although the system and user management can be done.

To run this project, you must have a virtual server, XAMPP, installed on your computer (for Windows).


Login system
control panel
User management
CRUD students, teachers, subjects, class, dorms, stream
Management of expenses, events, time table, attendance
اعلامیه کنید
انتشار نتایج آزمون
اضافه کردن ساختار هزینه
مشخصات والدین دانش آموز
پشتیبان گیری از پایگاه داده

How to run

After starting Apache and MySQL in XAMPP, follow the steps below

Step 1: Extract the file
Step 2: Copy the main project folder
Step 3: Paste in xampp / htdocs /

Now connect to the database

Step 4: Open a browser and go to "http: // localhost / phpmyadmin /"
Step 5: Next, click on the Database tab
Step 6: Create a database named "fant_school_admin_db" and then click the Import tab.
Step 7: Click on browse file and select the "fant_school_admin_db.sql" file located in the "database" folder.
Step 8: Click on Go.

After creating the database,

Step 9: Open a browser and go to "http: // localhost / schooladmin /"
برای control panel
Final step: Go to "http://localhost/schooladmin/admin/".
Enter the username and password provided inside the "Readme.txt" file.

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