Download the image steganography project code in C #

دانلود-سوس-و-کد-پروژه استگانوگرافی-تصویر-در-سی-شارپ 
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امروز در این پست برای شما کاربران عزیز وبسایت فایل سحرآمیز یک برنامه/پروژه Image Steganography است که در C# توسعه یافته است را برای دانلود قرار داده ایم.


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Download the image steganography project code in C #

Today, in this post, for you, dear users, we have placed the Magic File website, an Image Steganography program / project developed in C #, for download.

Steganography is defined as the science of hiding or embedding "data" in a transmission medium. Its ultimate goals, which are undetectable, the strength and capacity of hidden data, are the main distinguishing factors from cryptography.

Sample of runtime images

سوس و کد پروژه استگانوگرافی تصویر در سی شارپ 1

سوس و کد پروژه استگانوگرافی تصویر در سی شارپ 2

سوس و کد پروژه استگانوگرافی تصویر در سی شارپ 3

Introduction: Since the advent of the Internet, information security has been one of the most important factors in information and communication technology. Thousands of data are transmitted daily through the Internet via e-mail, file sharing sites, social networking sites and so on. As the number of Internet users increases, the concept of Internet security has also become important. The highly competitive nature of the computer industry is forcing web services to market at breakneck speed, leaving little time for system security audits, while the tight labor market allows the development of Internet projects with less experienced personnel. Without security training, this combination of market pressure, low unemployment and rapid growth may create an environment rich in exploitable machines and destructive users to operate these machines.

This is an image steganography program in C #. Modified SDSA (Spatial Synchronization Steganography Algorithm) uses 8x8 (mxn) blocks to embed a document in the carrier image into specific stego patches that are returned to the image. SDSA is based on the synchronization of space blocks to disrupt the successful prediction of coverage. Image statistics from the stego image, which is a key feature of calibration-based steganist attacks.

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