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Download the source and code of the inventory management system in C #

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Today, in this post, we have prepared a magic file of a source and inventory management system code in C # for you, dear users of the website.


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Download the source and code of the inventory management system in C #

A fully functional project based on an inventory management system that uses the C # language with the MySQL database. The C # MySQL project contains all the essential features that can be used by first- and second-year IT students for their academic projects. It has a number of features that allow users to track inventory and sales. This system as well as the concept of the desktop application is quite clear.

سورس و کدInventory management system in C #

About the C# project of inventory management system

In particular, this C # MySQL inventory management system project focuses primarily on tracking inventory activities. To be more precise, this system helps to track inventories according to their sales. The system also displays all paid and unpaid transactions of items. In addition, this system allows you to manage system users and other items. Obviously, this project includes a management panel with a manager and customer panel. In an overview of this web application, an admin has complete control over the system. He can manage employees, inventory and sales. Here, an admin can do almost anything, but it still plays a key role in monitoring system flow.

Admin panel

In addition, a manager's account has access to managing all inventory activities. Here, a manager can add, update, delete and list a company's inventory. In fact, this system allows you to manage sales records. To manage inventory, the system needs inventory details such as model name, parts, type, price. Also, each item has an inventory value that is managed by the manager or manager. In addition, the system automatically deducts the amount of a product as soon as the product passes the transaction process. In addition, the administrator can create various reports in PDF format. This includes report listing items, orders, and more.

Paid orders, unpaid

On the one hand, the manager has access to keeping customer orders. In fact, the manager can list a number of unpaid or pending orders. This includes the customer name with product details, price and quantity. Using it, the user must perform certain actions such as paid or unpaid status. The user can also cancel the order at any time. In addition, the manager can simply mark the order as paid / unpaid to change the status. This is exactly the point at which the system automatically changes the amount of inventory. As mentioned earlier, this system also offers various options for generating money / non-payment order reports in PDF format. According to order reports, the user can have an overview of the customer's name with product details, price and status.

Customer panel

On the other hand, the user can easily register in the system. Here, the system allows customers to search for available products with their general information. In addition, the customer can search for the products they want and add the products to the cart. And as soon as the products in the shopping cart are finalized, the user can settle the account. The customer must also check the product before confirming the order. And as soon as the orders are confirmed, the records will be transferred to the unpaid orders section under the supervision of the manager. With it, customers can also view their general orders and cancel orders if needed. More precisely, it is very easy for the customer to use the whole system to filter products and order purposes.

Last but not least, a clean and simple dashboard with a combination of different colors for a more user-friendly experience when using this C # inventory management system project. For its UI elements, reusable components. Bunifu Framework UI and Toolbox are in the board. Introducing a new inventory management system project in C # MySQL that includes a management panel with a client panel that includes all the essential features to follow and an informed resource for learning purposes.

Available features:

  • Admin panelيت
  • Admin panel
  • Customer panel
  • Customer registration
  • Manage items
  • Order management
  • Add to cart system
  • View customer order
  • Filter products
  • Create a case report (PDF)
  • Order production report (PDF)
  • Product inventory
  • Management of system users

Project Name: C Sharp Inventory Management System

  • Language/s used: C# (C Sharp)
  • Database: MySQL
  • Type: Desktop Application

Overview of C # Inventory Sales Management System Project

  1. When the project download is complete, decompress the project file.
  2. Open your favorite browser; We recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  3. Make sure MySQL and Apache are running on your system. [Requires Apache to access PHPMyAdmin]
  4. Then, go to URL "http://localhost/phpmyadmin".
  5. Create a database named "01 LOGIN DETAILS & PROJECT INFO.txt".
  6. Click the "Import" tab and select the database file (.sql) that is presented in a folder named "DATABASE FILE".
  7. After setting all this up, open the project folder.
  8. Simply open the (.sln) file. [To do this, you need to install Visual Studio on your device]
  9. To start the program, press the green "Start" button on the Visual Studio toolbar.
  10. All login details are provided in the project folder, check it and enter to use it.
Click on the link below to download the source and inventory management system code in C #

Click here to download

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