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WooCommerce Android source code in Basic Four Android programming environment

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Hello dear friends, today we have prepared a code source for you, the users of the MagicFile website, so that you can use this source to connect your online store that you set up with WooCommerce to an Android application, so that users can also make their purchases through mobile software. Do


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WooCommerce Android source code in Basic Four Android programming environment

Hello dear friends, today we have prepared a source code for you, the users of the MagicFile website, so that you can use this source to connect your online store that you set up with WooCommerce to an Android application so that users can also make their purchases through the mobile software. Do

This source code is for the first time on the InternetMagicFile Website Specially programmed and presented

Today, it is no longer the case that users buy their products to access the Internet and shop with a computer system and search the browser, but through mobile andSoftwaresThey do all their work and the number of people who use mobile is increasing every day. Now users are looking for the easiest way to buy and service, which is why this source code is for all webmasters and online stores that the site Have launched themselves with WooCommerce. Download offer to boost business

Source codeWooCommerce Basic For Android

The capabilities of this source code are as follows

1. Run at high speed
2. Minimal use of hardware resources both on the side of users on the mobile phone and on the side of the site on the server
2. Beauty and user-friendliness (material, slider, menu)
4. Has a slide show on the first page
5. Has a shopping cart
6. Registration in the mobile system
7. Separate execution on the site side (the source code on the site server side works directly with the database and has no conflict with the core of the WooCommerce WordPress site, so the site speed is not slow and the program itself runs at high speed)
8. The small size of the program
9. High security (all user and site side codes are transmitted encrypted
10. Low internet usage (all communication of Android software with the site is done in a compressed manner
11. Direct purchase via mobile with ZarrinPal payment portal with the ability to add other portals
12. Registration of all orders and details on WooCommerce site
13. Capable of searching - Contact us - View product list - About us - Register
14. و ...

The advantages of this source code over similar source codes in the market are as follows

This source has high security and works separately from the WooCommerce site. 99% of the Android source code and programs written for WooCommerce work in such a way that they work through the WooCommerce api if there is a problem with the site and the API section. The Android app does not work and the API code is slow at runtime and also affects the WordPress core, which slows down the site.
But this custom-source source code communicates directly with the database both at high speeds and does not slow down the site or involve the WordPress core.

The most important thing is the launch time of this source code. If your dear friends are programmers, they know that executing the source code they have written for the site is really troublesome, but we did something so that you can get this source in less than a few minutes. Run the code and the smallest file that was needed is placed in the download file so that you do not need any other file after downloading.

Software images at runtime

Source codeWooCommerce Basic For Android

Source codeWooCommerce Basic For Android


You will download the following files:

1. Complete user-source source code with Basic Four Android
2. All libraries used in the program
3. Site code source code with php programming language
4. Database file required by mysql

You will be happy if you have any questions or suggestions from the comments section. Send us your comments. In the shortest possible time, our questions will be answered, dear ones.

Click on the link below to get the WooCommerce Android source code in the Basic Four Android programming environment

Click here to download

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