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Download the source code of the web service script (api) of the stock exchange

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For you, dear designers and programmers, we have prepared a script file for downloading a magical website that you can access the information of the Iran Stock Exchange. Use in all your applications


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Download the source code of the stock script web service (api).

For you, dear designers and programmers, we have prepared a magic file for you to download, which you can access to the information of the Iranian stock market. This script is programmed as a php file, and it gives an output in the form of json, which you can easily Use in all your programs

You can use this script as a web service of the Iranian Stock Exchange, the output is json, the source code is written in php

The output screenshot is as follows

سورس کد اسکريپت وبسرويس (api) بورس 

سورس کد اسکريپت وبسرويس (api) بورس 

سورس کد اسکريپت وبسرويس (api) بورس 

سورس کد اسکريپت وبسرويس (api) بورس 

سورس کد اسکريپت وبسرويس (api) بورس 

سورس کد اسکريپت وبسرويس (api) بورس 

Details of this stock code web service script (api) are as follows

1. Receive all stock symbols with information (symbol ID - symbol code - symbol name - full name of the company - first price - last price - final price - number - volume - lowest price - highest price - yesterday price - eps - base volume and ....)
2. Receive transaction information of previous days
3. Receiving daily trading information of a symbol
4. Receive price information of a symbol on a daily basis
5. Receive Cadal News
6.و ....

Dear user, a download offer is given to you

Click on the link below to download the stock script and web service (api) of the stock exchange.

Click here to download

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Comment posted by Armeena - 1/25/2023 10:58:06 pm
Greetings to you, surely this article will be unique like the other content of the site, I am happy that I am one of the first people who read this valuable article.
The answer of the magic file support
Hello thanks for your kindness
Posted by Nazar Hasan - 2022/12/08 2:53:51 am
Hello I downloaded the file, thank you for making this file available
The answer of the magic file support
Hello that's kind of you

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