Source code of Jenan keys script in php format with sqlite database

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For you, dear users, in this post, we have programmed and designed a script code source for Jenan keys in php with sqlite database and put it for download.


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Download the source code of the keys of Janan keys in php format with sqlite database

For you, dear users, in this post, we have programmed and designed a script code source for Jenan keys in php with sqlite database and put it for download.

Mafatih al-Jannan is a collection of prayers, supplications, pilgrimages, special deeds for the days of the year, months and days, which was issued by the Prophet of Islam and the Shiite Imams and compiled by Sheikh Abbas Qomi. Sheikh Abbasi Qomi presented this book to Fatemeh Zahra.

This collection has been carefully compiled by its author on the works of Ahl al-Bayt and books of prayers and pilgrimages, and has been collected from the most authoritative books and prayers, and in a short time, this book has become widespread and exists in all Shiite houses, mosques and holy places. . Later additions were added to the book by the author. This collection has been translated over and over again by great scientists. However, the most famous translations are from Allama Sheikh Abbas Mesbahzadeh. [Citation needed] Sheikh Abbas Qomi later added appendices to this book, which in some copies of the keys are seen as "the extensions of the keys of Paradise". These attachments are listed in the same subdivision. Many of these prayers and pilgrimages have been referred to authentic books and reliable people such as Iqbal (Sayyid Ibn Taws) and Kafami.

سورس کد اسکريپت مفاتيح جنان

This source code of Genan keys, which is in php format with sqlite database, which works without sql database, it is enough to upload it to the host and use it dynamically. It also has high speed and efficiency.

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