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Complete source of logo command circuit diagrams

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Today, in this post, we have prepared the complete source set of logo control circuit diagrams for you, students of electrical engineering


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Download the complete source of command circuit drawings in PLC Logo software

Today, in this post, we have prepared a complete source set of logo control circuit diagrams for you, students of electrical engineering

مدار فرمان لوگو

Intro Logo!
Nowadays, the control systems that use logos for control are very important due to the simplicity of control, scalability and their relatively lower cost compared to the systems that use PLC.
Lighting control systems, irrigation systems for greenhouse plants, industrial devices such as benders and elevators, multi-stage or time switches, fixed load adjustment on multiple consumers, centralized control systems, cutting devices, stencil control in textile industries, gravel filling system, He mentioned guidance, stair lighting, air conditioning system, and so on.
It should be noted that the logo entered the market in 1996.

This set is one of the most complete set of command circuit drawings designed in the logo program

The source maps in this collection are as follows

  • Left-right Right full protection
  • Left-right Full protection of two points
  • Left Right Turn full protection One point control
  • Left turn right turn sharp
  • Left turn right turn away
  • Left Right Right
  • A moment and time rs
  • Three-second automatic circuit
  • Control from two permanent points and two instantaneous points
  • Engine control from two starters and a permanent step
  • Control of a permanent and instantaneous point
  • Two permanent points RS
  • Corridor
  • Manual and automatic LDR aisle
  • Lighting two lamps with a knob and its capability
  • Press machine circuit
  • Press machine circuit with rs
  • Instantaneous and permanent circuit
  • Circuit of eight lamps
  • One circuit after another
  • Stellar triangular circuits
  • Competition table with the presenter
  • A permanent LDR point
  • A permanent point
  • One instead of the other
  • One instead of three engines
  • One instead of the other LDR
  • One instead of the other RS
  • One after another
  • One after another automatic
  • Hand Triangle Star
  • Automatic left-right triangle star
  • Circuit design

All maps are fully tested and executable

Click on the link below to get the complete source of logo command circuit drawings

Click here to download

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