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Source and code Scratch & Spin (rotating ring with scratch screen) to win the Android app

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Today, for you, dear users of the website, we have prepared a MagicFile, a source and a code for the Android system, ready for download.


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Download the source and code Scratch & Spin (rotating ring with scratch screen) to win the Android application with the earnings of systems (AdMob, Facebook, Start App Ads) Persian

Today, for you dear users of the website, we have prepared a MagicFile of a source and code for the Android system ready for download.

Scratch & Spin to win Android app with (Admob, Facebook, Start Ads). An Android application with a management panel system that can manage users and unlimited privileges. This program is made with Android Studio and we have used clean and quality code for the best performance with a beautiful UI design and we have used Admob, Facebook and Start App ads.

The files that you get after downloading

1. User source Android source code

2. Management script with php

3. Database in sql

Examples of images of this source and code


سورس و کد Scratch & Spin 2

سورس و کد Scratch & Spin 3

سورس و کد Scratch & Spin 1

سورس و کد Scratch & Spin 4

سورس و کد Scratch & Spin 5

سورس و کد Scratch & Spin 6

Features of this source and code

  1. Introduction page
  2. Daily entry bonus points
  3. Scratch to earn
  4. Harvest system
  5. User login and registration system
  6. User profile
  7. Unlimited management of users, points and impressions
  8. Scoring system
  9. Multiple application languages
  10. Refer and earn
  11. Submit a push notification
  12. Material design
  13. Start program ads (banner, intermediate)
  14. AdMob ads
  15. and more

Dear user, you are offered a download

To get the source and code of Scratch & Spin (rotating ring with scratch screen) to win the Android application, click on the link below

Click here to download

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