Download the source and sample code of image processing software in C #

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امروز در این پست برای شما کاربران عزیز وبسایت فایل سحرآمیز یک سورس و کد نمونه نرم افزار پردازش تصاویر در C sharp را آماده دانلود قرار داده ایم. 


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Download the source and sample code of image processing software in C #

امروز در این پست برای شما کاربران عزیز وبسایت فایل سحرآمیز یک سورس و کد نمونه نرم افزار پردازش تصاویر در C sharp را آماده دانلود قرار داده ایم.

توضیحات در مورد سورس و کد نمونه نرم افزار پردازش تصاویر در C sharp

Source and sample code of image processing software in C # is an image processing tool that includes various filters and tools for analyzing images in the AForge.NET framework. Creating your own filters and integrating them with code or using tools in your application is easy. The following filters are implemented in the AForge.NET framework and are shown in the program:

  1. Color filters(Gray scale, brown, inverse, rotation, channel extraction, channel replacement, channel filter, color filter, Euclidean color filter);
  2. HSL filters(Linear correction, brightness, contrast, saturation, color corrector, HSL filter).
  3. YCbCr filters(Linear correction, YCbCr filter, channel extraction / replacement).
  4. Dual filters(Threshold, Threshold by Carriage, Regular Detergent, Bayer Detergent, Floyd-Steinberg, Brexit, Jarvis-Judis-Ninke, Sierra, Stevenson-Ares, Stacking Detergent Methods);
  5. Automatic binary(Simple image statistics);
  6. Mathematical morphology filters(Erosion, dilation, opening, closing, impact and loss, thinning, thickening).
  7. فیلترهای پیچشی(Mean, blur, sharpen, edges, Gaussian);
  8. 2 source filters(Merge, intersect, add, subtract, differentiate, move towards, form).
  9. Edge Detectors(Homogeneity, Difference, Sobel, Connie);
  10. Spot counter، برچسب زدن اجزای متصل.
  11. Pixellate، Skeletonization ساده، Jitter، Shrink، نقاشی رنگ روغن.
  12. Linear filter surfaces, gamma correction.
  13. Middle filter, adaptive smoothing, conservative smoothing.
  14. Resize and rotate;
  15. Tissue generators based on Perlin noise.
  16. Texture filters(Texture maker, texture filter, texture merger);
  17. February conversion(Low-pass filters and hips).
  • You can create (save and load) your own filters or torsion filters based on standard mathematical morphology operators. The color grid makes it very easy to work with custom torsional filters.
  • A preview window allows you to see the results of changing the filter parameters in an instant. You can scroll an image using the mouse in the preview area. All filters apply to only the portion of the currently viewed image to speed up the preview.
  • A Photoshop-like histogram lets you get information about mean values, standard deviation, median, minimum and maximum.
  • This program allows you to copy or paste images into a clipboard, save and print images.
  • Most filters are designed to work with 24bpp RGB images or black and white images. For gray images, we use PixelFormat.Format8bppIndexed with a 256-input color palette. To ensure that your image is in one of the formats

Sample software images at runtime

سورس و کد نمونه نرم افزار پردازش تصاویر در C sharp1

سورس و کد نمونه نرم افزار پردازش تصاویر در C sharp 2

توضیحات نحوه عملکرد

Suppose you want to apply a series of filters to an image. The direct way to do this is to apply the filters one after the other, but in the case of 3 or more filters it is unlikely. All filters implement the IFilter interface, so it allows us to create a set of filters and apply it all at once to an image (in addition, the set also saves us from throwing out routines in the middle images):

It is easy to get visual statistics such as mean values, standard deviation, median, minimum and maximum. Can be used to adjust the brightness / contrast of the image.

Image statistics can be easily combined with filters. Assume that the minimum value is red
روی تصویر 50 است و حداکثر مقدار 200 است. بنابراین، می توانیم کنتراست کانال قرمز را عادی کنیم:

HSL filters

The use of HSL color space is more obvious for some types of filters. For example, how to adjust image saturation levels using RGB color space is not very clean. But with HSL color space it can be done easily:

Using the HSL color space, we can change the color value of the pixels. Setting all color values ​​to one value results in an image graded in one color:

Much more interesting results can be achieved by using the HSL filter. For example, we can keep only the specified range of color values ​​and the rest outside the unsaturated range. Thus, it leads to a black and white image with only some colored areas.
C sharp

Mathematical morphology filters

There are many things that can be done using mathematical morphology filters. For example, we can use erosion to reduce noise in binary images, or we can filter out some objects. Using dilation, we can grow parts of our interest in the image. One of the most interesting morphological operators is known as Hit & Miss. All other morphological operators can be expressed as Hit & Miss operators. For example, we can use it to search for specific structures on an image:

Search for horizontal lines

Using the thickener operator, we can grow parts of the image where we need them. For example, the following example causes the horizontal lines to thicken in the downward direction:

Thickened image

Using a thinner operator, you can remove some unnecessary parts of the image. For example, you can create a skeleton filter with the right structural elements:

February conversion

Fourier transform is easy to do, which is useful for image analysis and filtering with the library:

Spot counter

Blob counter is a very useful feature and can be applied in many different applications. what is he doing? Can count objects on a binary image and extract them. The idea comes from "tagging connected components", a filter that paints each individual object a different color. Let's look at a small example:

YCbCr filter

YCbCr filters come with the same functionality as RGB and HSL filters. The YCbCr linear correction filter works like its analogue of other color spaces, but works with the Y, Cb, and Cr components, respectively, and provides us with other convenient ways of color correction. The following is a small example of using a YCbCr linear filter and using an on-site filter: A feature that lets you filter a source image instead of creating a new result image:
C sharp

Perlin noise filters

Perlin noise has many uses and one of the most interesting of them is to create different effects such as marble, wood, cloud, etc. that such effects can be applied to images in two steps. The first step is to create effect textures and the second step is to apply textures to the specific image. Texture generators are located in the Textures area of ​​the library, which contains generators for effects such as clouds, wood, marble, labyrinth, and fabric. All of these texture generators implement the ITextureGenerator interface. There are three filters to apply texture to images. The first is Texturer, for texturing images. T.

Second, TexturedFilter allows you to apply any other filter to an image using texture as a mask. Third, TexturedMerge allows you to merge two images using texture as a mask.

Source and sample code of image processing software in C # is based on the AForge.NET framework, which provides all the filters and image processing procedures available in the program. Dear user, you are offered a download

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