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Download the source and code of Cafe Timer software using VB.NET and MS Access

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Today, in this post, for you dear users of the website, we have prepared a magic file of a source and Cafe Timer software code using VB.NET and MS Access.


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Download the source and code of Cafe Timer software using VB.NET and MS Access

This is a software-based application project called Cafe Timer. This program manages the transactions of Internet cafes and centers that work with time. The program has a timer feature that allows the management of the cafe to monitor the time consumed by the customer. The purpose of developing this software project is to fully automate the cafe time counting time. The app can also list customer records. This record / data has several management options, including: edit, selected delete, multiple delete, selected print, multiple print, and more. Records can be printed according to the option selected by system users such as multiple selected data, serial number range, by date and more.

This project was developed using VB.NET and the MS Access database. This program has user-friendly capabilities. It may also help other programmers, especially students and newcomers to VB.NET, integrate the MS Access database with SAP Crystal Reports to learn how to develop a software-based application like this. You can easily download and modify the source code the way you want to help you better understand, or do tests to strengthen the source code to expand your knowledge of the programming language.

Sample of runtime images

سورس و کد نرم افزار ​​Cafe Timer با استفاده از VB.NET1

سورس و کد نرم افزار ​​Cafe Timer با استفاده از VB.NET11

سورس و کد نرم افزار ​​Cafe Timer با استفاده از VB.NET1


  • Customer information management
  • Duration count
  • Processing results
  • Advanced record search and
  • reports
  • Possibilities:
  • Entering and exiting
  • Timer form
  • Customer registration
  • Exit the customer
  • Automatically counts customer time
  • Automatically calculates the amount paid by the customer
  • List of all records
  • Find in the records
  • Edit data
  • Delete data (single, multiple and filtered)
  • Print data (single, multiple and filtered)

Software used:

  • Originally written in MS Visual Studio 2010, it was recently upgraded to run in the MS VS 2019 community.
  • MS Access 2007
  • Crystal Reports 2008

Execution method and installation requirements:

  • Download and install the Microsoft Visual Studio software
  • Download and install Microsoft Office
  • Download and install Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010
  • Download and install SAP Crystal Reports
  • Download and extract the source code zip file. (Download button is below)
  • Find the Solution file inside the extracted source code folder. This file is known as New Printmaker.sln
  • Open the solution file with your MS Visual Studio software.
  • To run this project, press the "F5" key on your keyboard.

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Click on the link below to download the source and code of Cafe Timer software using VB.NET and MS Access

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