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Download the software source and code to save an image from the site

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Today, in this post, for you, dear users of the website, we have prepared a source file and a software code for saving an image of the site ready for download.


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Download the software source and code to save an image from the site

In this post, I've provided you with a source and code ready for download that shows how to render an HTML document as an image using a WebBrowser object and a ViewObject.Draw method that, according to MSDN, draws a representation of an object in the specified device context. Slow, depicts. Before I start, I just want to mention that the results obtained were identical to those obtained from commercial libraries, so I hope this helps someone.

Download the software source and code to save an image from the site

Below is a brief description of the parameters that the Draw method takes (this is the only method we will use):

  • UInt32 dwDrawAspect - Specifies the drawing aspect. Valid values ​​are taken from DVASPECT enumerations. DVASPECT2 In this example, I'm using DVASPECT.CONTENT so the value sent is 1.
  • int lindex - the part of the object of interest for the draw operation. Currently, only -1 is supported.
  • IntPtr pvAspect - Pointer to additional information
  • IntPtr ptd - describes the device for which the object is to be rendered. We will render for the default target device, so the value passed will be IntPtr.Zero.
  • IntPtr hdcTargetDev - Information field for the target device indicated by the ptd parameter.
  • IntPtr hdcDraw - The device context to draw on.
  • red Rectangle lprc Bounds - the size of the captured image
  • ref Rectangle lprcWBounds - the area of ​​the WebBrowser object we want to capture.
  • IntPtr pfnContinue- pointer to a calling function (not used here).
  • UInt32 dwContinue- value to pass as a parameter to the function (not used here).

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To download the source and software code to save an image from the site, click on the link below

Click here to download

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