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Download the source and code of the test program in C# Quiz Application

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Today, for you, dear website users, we have prepared a magical source file and test program code in C Sharp for download.


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Download the source and code of the test program in C# Quiz Application

The Quiz Application project is a desktop application developed using the C # language. This project is based on an exam concept on various topics. Regarding the system, there are different questions on different topics and the user must answer the questions asked to earn points. Each of the given questions are multiple choice questions. This means that there are a total of 4 options and the user must choose one of them. After placing the answer, the system does not display the correct answer at the same time, each question has 2 points. Only at the end, the user can know all his points. Questions are presented randomly, meaning that any question can appear at any time.

 سورس و کدTest schedule in C #

This project does not use any external files as a database. To change the question, the user must review the code and change it. The Quiz program project helps to consider a small test program on various topics in a short period of time. This desktop application project can be used especially for small tests to test knowledge. You must have Visual Studio IDE installed on your computer to run this project.

Main features

  • Simple programming
  • No need for an external database
  • High speed and efficiency

Dear user, you are offered a download

Click on the link below to download the source and code of the test program in C# Quiz Application

Click here to download

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