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Sample source and chess game code designed with html5 and run on Android Studio

نمونه سورس-و-کد-بازی-شطرنج-طراحی-شده-با-html5-و-اجرا-بر-روی-اندروید-استودیو-Android-Studio
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In this post, we have prepared a sample source and chess game code designed with html5 and running on Android Studio.


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Download the source and code of the chess game Android Studio

In this post, we have prepared a sample example and chess game code designed with html5 and running on Android Studio, which you can easily use.

In this source code, we have designed a chess game with HTML5 with javascript and css, then you run this script through the Android Studio software, which runs easily on all systems without any problems, and also has high speed and efficiency. is

Example of source image and runtime code

سورس و کدPlay Android Chess Studio

سورس و کدPlay Android Chess Studio


The main features of the source and code of Android Chess Studio game

1. Single player game with a computer robot

2. Editing source and code via html code

3. Speed ​​and high speed code execution

4. With the ability to select the level of the game

5. Show the movement paths of each bead when clicked

6. Spatial display of bead movement

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Click on the link below to get a sample source and chess game code designed with html5 and run on Android Studio.

Click here to download

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