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Source and code of Sudoku game with Visual Basic.NET Sudok

سورس-و-کد-بازی-سودوکو-با-ویژوال -بیسیک-دات-نت
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Today, in this post, for you, dear users of the website, we have prepared a source file and Sudoku game code with Visual Basic Sudok ready for download.


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Download Sudoku game source and code with Visual Basic.Net Sudok

Today, in this post, we have prepared for you, dear users of the website, a magical source file and Sudoku game code with Visual Basic.Net Sudok ready for download.

سورس و کد بازیSudoku with Visual Basic .NET 

Sudoku (Japanese: 数独) is a number table that is one of the best brain exercises and IQ boosters. Scientists say: by solving sudoku, the human brain becomes ten years younger. Today, it is considered one of the common entertainments in different countries of the world.

French newspapers used a variety of sudoku puzzles in the 19th century, and the puzzle has appeared in puzzle books since 1979 under the name Number Place. [1] However, modern sudoku only gained widespread popularity in 1986. found published by the Japanese puzzle company Nikoli under the name Sudoku, meaning "single number".[2] It was first published in an American newspaper, and then The Times (London), in 2004, thanks to the efforts of Wayne Gould, who was a designed a computer program for the rapid generation of unique puzzles, was published.

Law of the game

The most common type of sudoku is a 9x9 table, where the whole table is divided into 9 smaller 3x3 tables. In this table, some numbers are placed by default, and the rest of the numbers should be found by observing the following three rules:

  • The first rule: numbers 1 to 9 should be placed in each line of the table without repetition.
  • The second rule: numbers 1 to 9 should be placed in each column of the table without repetition.
  • The third rule: In each 3x3 area, the table of numbers 1 to 9 should be placed without repetition.

The main features of this source and code are as follows

  • High speed and efficiency of execution time
  • It has the ability to solve the table automatically
  • With the possibility of saving and reloading the game
  • And ...

For you, dear user, a download is suggested.

To get the source and code of the Sudoku game with Visual Basic Sudok, click on the link below.

Click here to download

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