Download the source and code of Disk Analyzer with C#

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Today, in this post, for you dear users of the website, we have prepared a source file and the code of disk analyzer with C# ready for download.


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Download the source and code of Disk Analyzer with C#

Disk Analyzer enables you to find out how much space files and directories are taking up on your disk and helps you find files and folders that you no longer use. This tool analyzes your disk drives and collects directory size and file size statistics by type, which you can view as overview charts and detail tables.

سورس و کد آنالایزر دیسک با سی شارپ

I am using an extended pie chart control to display the results. Really worth a look. This is one of the best implementations of pie chart controls.

Also, I'm using a tree grid view that allows displaying files by extension, implemented. This program allows you to set filters for the directories and files to be analyzed. I have to agree, this should be beefed up to allow more customization.


I was looking for a simple disk analyzer tool to calculate directory size and cleanup and help organize my files better. I thought it would be good to write one.


  • Display size by index withDataGridViewand pie chart
  • Report size based on file extension, withDataGridViewand pie chart
  • Filter options by size. Include and remove file extensions. Directories with zero bytes
  • Export results to Excel; It is saved in Excel XML format using the CarlosAg ExcelXmlWriter library
  • Open a file/folder and its parent directory
To download the source and code of Disk Analyzer with C#, click on the link below

Click here to download

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