Download the source and code of the mp3 music management software in C#

دانلود-سورس-و-کد-نرم-افزار مدیریت-موسیقی-mp3-در-سی-شارپ
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Today, in this post, we have prepared for you, dear users of the website, the magic file of a source and the software code for managing mp3 music in C#.


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دانلود سورس و کد نرم افزار مدیریتmp3 music in C#


I use the Creative Nano to listen to music. It is good to use it. But I found that managing songs is a problem. It has a folder view where I can switch from one folder to another. But it displays all folders containing MP3 songs on one level. So, I had to create a folder based on the artist name. However, manually creating folders is problematic. So, I tried using software that can sync music to a removable drive. For that, I found Windows Media Player useful. But there is a big problem with my MP3 Player. Windows Media Player creates a folder name as [Artist Name][Album Name][File Name]. So, in my MP3 player, I can only see the album name, which is incorrect most of the time. Actually I want to change from one artist to another. So, I decided to make my own app that can sync according to my choice.

Then I realized that it should also have a game feature. I don't want to use different apps to play music while I'm copying music to my music player. So, I added all the features that help me listen to music from my MP3 player.

Then I designed a probability-based music randomization algorithm that monitors my selection and plays music based on that. I found that listening to music was very helpful. I was using iTunes before designing Music Manager. So, it looks like iTunes. I think it's a better music display than Windows Media Player.

نمونه تصویر سورس و کد نرم افزار مدیریتmp3 music in C#


کتابخانه موسیقی خود را مدیریت کنید
To import existing music from your computer, you can browse to the location of your music folder and then press the upload button. Searches all music recursively and adds it to the library. It will create an MMHistory.mmh file for each folder you are interested in. It uses a relative location. So, if you copy this folder to another location and browse the folder with Music Manager, the MMHistory.mmh file will be loaded and the music will play.

To manage music, you can copy music from Music Manager, paste into Music Manager, and remove music from your music folder with Music Manager. You can also drag and drop music into the music manager. It will be copied according to the file name format you specified in the options.

فرمت نام فایل ها به Description زیر است:

  • {Album}{Artist}{FileName}
  • {Artist}{Album}{FileName}
  • {Artist}{FileName}
  • {Album}{FileName}
  • {FileName}
  • {Album}{Artist}{Title}
  • {Artist}{Album}{Title}
  • {Artist}{Title}
  • {Album}{Title}
  • {Title}
  • {Genre}{Album}{Artist}{FileName}
  • {Genre}{Artist}{Album}{FileName}
  • {Genre}{Album}{Artist}{Title}
  • {Genre}{Artist}{Album}{Title}

بنابراین، می توانید موسیقی خود را با توجه به اطلاعات موجود در فایل های MP3 مدیریت کنید.

You can also paste a Windows Media Player playlist (*.wpl) into Music Manager. Music Manager will copy all the music listed in the playlist to the location you specified with your specified filename format.

همچنین می توانید از افزودن فایل ها، افزودن پوشه از منوی فایل برای کپی کردن موسیقی در مکان مشخص شده استفاده کنید.

اگر فایلی را از کتابخانه مدیریت موسیقی حذف کنید، از مکان فیزیکی نیز حذف خواهد شد.

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