Sample source and encryption code for data transfer between and php

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Today, we have prepared for you, dear users of the MagicFile website, a sample source and encryption code for transferring information between and php.


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دانلود نمونه سورس و کد رمزگذاری اطلاعات انتقالی بین و php

Today, for you, dear website users, we have prepared a magic file of a sample source and encryption code for transfer information between and php ready for download.

This source and code is required by programmers who want to receive and send information between the site through software that is encrypted. One can not see the information that is sent is appropriate.

Sample source and encryption code for data transfer between and php


The class is provided to you, one in and one in PHP. Both classes implement an ECB-mode AES encryption, with the output of each class compatible for decryption by the other. This means that you can encode a block of text using a class and decode it on your server with a PHP class, and vice versa.

Things to consider

The encryption key must be 16 characters long if it is a string
کلید رمزگذاری باید 32 بایت باشد اگر آرایه بایت باشد (256 بیت)
The Base64 string must be URL encoded to be passed to a PHP script for decoding because it contains special characters.
رشته Base64 باید با rawurldecode () رمزگشایی شود تا از تبدیل "+" به فاصله جلوگیری شود.

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