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دانلود-robot-برای-ایجاد لینک-بیلدینگ-بصورت-خودکار
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We have prepared a robot to create a link building for you, dear users of the MagicFile website, ready for download.


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Download robots to create link building automatically (send website links to directories - search engines and other websites) with more than 13,600 websites

Robot to create link building for you, dear users of the MagicFile website, we have put it ready for download. Using this software, you can register your website link in more than 13,600 important websites. This software automatically does all the work.

What is link building?

Link building, creating backlinks, link building all have the same meaning and is generally called the process of creating external links to the site, which is one of the thousands of search engine optimization techniques. For search engines that search a lot of web pages, links are a link between pages. Using link building and complex link analysis, search engines can easily crawl between pages, so that your website address is placed among the content of other websites when search engines crawl their crawlers to that website. They send to crawl and when they reach your link, they also refer to your website, thus increasing the SEO and value of your links.

What is a web directory?

Reference sites that categorize other websites on the Internet by field of activity are called web directories. The registration of links in them can be done manually or automatically, and in the automatic mode, without any work and automatically, you can register your websites in all directories, which if you want to do these things manually, both at the same time and at a high cost. Demands.

ThisRobot software to create link building  Can link to your websiteMore than 13,600 websitesSend that is done automatically

Features and image of this software at runtime are as follows:

  1. High speed and performance at runtime
  2. With the ability to increase and decrease the speed of sending links
  3. Has the ability to place a proxy to prevent blocking
  4. With the ability to display the details of sending link registration
  5. Has more than 13,600 links to register

Download robot to create link building automatically 

Dear user, you are offered a download

To download the robot to create a link building automatically, click on the link below

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