Download the complete Russian to Persian dictionary list

دانلود-ديتابيس-لیست-لغت-کامل-زبان-روسی به-فارسی
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Today, in this post, we have prepared for you, dear users of the website, a magic file of a complete Russian-to-Persian word list database ready for download.


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Download the complete Russian to Persian dictionary list

This database is one of the most complete Russian language databases. There are more than 35976 records inside the database.

If you are also an Android programmer or computer programmer and you have written a program on the subject of Russian to Persian dictionary and now you are looking for a raw database from a database on this subject, it is recommended for you to download this database. Download from the Magic File website is undoubtedly one of the most complete databases.

The advantages of the databases provided by the MagicFile are as follows

  1. Perfection
  2. Regular classification
  3. Editing capability
  4. Easily convert to other databases
  5. For you friends in two formats Excel, SqLite is placed inside the download file
  6. More than 35976 records in the database

Examples of fields in this database:

  • шинель [masculine]: overcoat
  • широкий [adjective]: wide
  • шить [verb]: to sew
  • шляться [verb]: to wander
  • шуметь [verb]: to hiss, to make noise
  • шутка [female]: joke, joke, joke
  • щ - Щ The twenty-seventh letter of the Russian language
  • Oxalic acid acid
  • диадить [verb]: to forgive, to ignore, to hesitate, to harass
  • лоелочноземельный [adjective]: alkaline earth
  • ъ - Ъ The twenty-eighth letter of the Russian language
  • ы - Ы The 29th letter of the Russian language
  • walk [verb]: go (on foot)
  • хороший [adjective]: good, good, goodness
  • хотеть [verb]: to want, to desire, to want, to desire
  • хотеться [verb]: to desire, to have desire
  • خواج [note]: although, even though
  • хром [male]: worm - (Cr), an element of the periodic table with atomic number 24 and atomic mass 51.9961
  • хромат [male]: Kerman
  • chromatography [female]: chromatography
  • chromic mixture creamy mixture
  • chromic [male]: potassium dichromate
  • худый [adjective]: skinny, naked, poor, bad, torn, perforated
  • ц - Ц The twenty-fourth letter of the Russian language
  • .....

Screenshot of Russian to Persian Dictionary Database in full in SQLite file format

زبان روسی به فارسي بصورت کامل در فرمت فايل SQLite

Screenshot of Russian to Persian dictionary database in full in Excel file format

زبان روسی به فارسي بصورت کامل در فرمت فايل Excel

It is suggested that you download this database from the magic fileDatabase ready We have a lot, you can search the site

Click on the link below to download the complete Russian to Farsi word list database

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