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Download ready database about Spanish to Persian dictionary

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Today, for you dear programmers, we have put the website of the magic file of a ready-made database about the complete Spanish-Persian dictionary for download.


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Download ready database about Spanish to Persian dictionary

Today, for you dear programmers, we have put the magic file website of a ready-made database about the complete Spanish-Persian dictionary for download. This database is one of the most complete databases in this field, which is needed by programmers. We hope you are satisfied, dear users.

If you are a programmer for Android mobile systems, computers, etc. and you have written a program about the complete set of Spanish-Persian dictionary and now you are looking for a raw information on this subject to use in your application, it is suitable.

More details about the Spanish-Persian dictionary database are described below

1. Completely
2. The order of the database
3. Being editable
4. Easy to convert to other databases
5. For you friends in three formats Json, SqLite, Microsoft Excel is included in the download file
6.و ...

Examples of fields in this database:

abduction abduction, theft
abecedario The first three letters of the English alphabet, which represent the letters of the alphabet, alphabet, alphabet book, base work, source of work, alphabet teacher, alphabet reader, beginner, elementary, alphabet
abedul fan tree, birch, birch, boxwood tree
abeja bee, honey fly, bee
abejorro Bee, large bee
aberracin Deviation, deviation, focal non-compliance


It is suggested that you download this database from the MagicFileDatabase ready  We have a lot, you can search the site, this database is also by  Database Builder ScriptWhich is placed on the site made

Screenshot of the complete collection of Spanish to Persian dictionary Microsoft Excel
اسکرين شات ديتابيس مجموعه کامل ديکشنري اسپانیای به فارسی Microsoft Excel 

Database screenshot of the complete Spanish-Persian dictionary collection in SqLite format

ديکشنري اسپانیای به فارس در فرمت SqLite

Dear user, you are offered a download

Click on the link below to download the ready-made database on the Spanish-Persian dictionary

Click here to download

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