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Ready database of beautiful daily sentences

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Today, for you, dear users of the website, we have prepared a MagicFile of a database about beautiful daily sentences exclusively for download.


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Download the ready-made database of beautiful daily sentences, a complete database for programming

Today, for you, dear users of the website, we have prepared a MagicFile of a database about beautiful daily sentences exclusively for download.
This database is suitable for those who are programmers for computers and mobile phones and want to design a program on the subject of beautiful daily sentences and are now looking for a raw database for their program. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best databases in this field. And always has the ability to edit and convert to other databases, you can take the necessary advantage

It is suggested that you download this database of beautiful daily sentences from the MagicFile site.

The description of the database is as follows:

1. Perfection
2. The database is organized and categorized correctly
3. Being editable
4. Easy to convert to other databases
5. For you friends in two formats SqLite, Microsoft Excel is in the download file

The number of fields in this database is 4368

Below is a sample of the fields

1 ==> You can very well pay attention to other people's feelings, but now that you understand how much power you have to understand other people's feelings, you hesitate. This does not mean that you are ignoring other people, but that you are not sure how to express your feelings, which include negative attitudes. So work on overcoming your fears, mentioning your weaknesses will strengthen your intimate relationships. ==> 19 ==> 1 ==> 12
2 ==> You may have a brilliant idea today, but you can not use it anywhere. Paradoxically, the more you explain your plan to others, the less they will be convinced of its benefits. This does not mean that they are against your position, but they are not sure that you can turn your strategy into a fully practical plan. Although you are constantly thinking of fulfilling your desire, keep it for later. Now it is better to do it with solutions first. ==> 19 ==> 3 ==> 1
3 ==> Even if you think you want to be a very real person, you should not be so determined about it today. At first you can convince others that you know everything about what you want to do, but as time goes on you confuse them worse and this creates a contradiction in what you say. You can now explain a complex concept, but you will probably find that it becomes worse challenging if you explain its simple aspects. If possible let another person take control for a while. ==> 19 ==> 3 ==> 2
4 ==> Although your planet Mars has resumed its speed again after last week, but today it has become bumblebee again, and on the one hand, the messenger planet, its grace, includes you and enlightens your mind and brings a lot of new thoughts in your head. It throws you off, but at the same time a series of contradictions arise, whispering important things under your breath and blocking out auras of ambiguity in what is in your head. Now, if you are unsure about what you know, hold on for a few days and then reconsider your choice. ==> 19 ==> 3 ==> 3

Database screenshot of beautiful daily sentences in SqLite file format

اسکرين شات ديتابيس جملات زيباي روزانه در قالب فايل SqLite
Database screenshot of beautiful daily sentences in Microsoft Excel file format

اسکرين شات ديتابيس جملات زيباي روزانه در قالب فايل Microsoft Excel 

If you have any suggestions about the database of beautiful daily sentences, you can send us your comments from the comments section.

Click on the link below to get a ready database of beautiful daily sentences

Click here to download

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